Ekaterina Volobueva: Loboda / Drozd have two different dances

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Translation of an interview with Ekaterina Volobueva (secon coach in Ksenia Rumyantseva’s group). I translated the part about Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd.

E.V.: Preparation for this season went not in the same way as usual, due to certain circumstances guys started to train later. That’s why it was a bit unusual for us to do such amount of work in such a short time. Trainings took place at the skating rink at school “Sambo-70” in Moscow. We didn’t go anywhere. We had enough ice plus gyms. We have worked with so many experts – physical trainings, choreographers, dance experts. Recently, Oleg Volkov has joined our group. He works on technique, skating skills, lines. In short, trainings were comprehensive.

Alla Loboda Pavel Drozd

This season we invited French coreographer Benoit Richaud to do a free dance for Alla and Pavel. Why him? Because for guys it’s last season in juniors and we wanted to try something new, to show skaters in a completely different style. The process of choreographing was very interesting, because Richaud is a talented person, with a lot of ideas. I liked that Benoit knows a lot of dance styles, dances specifications, characters … He told me that thoroughly studied it all, and it seems to me, a feature of Richard that he mixes different styles, and it turns out something new and extraordinary.

Alla Loboda Pavel Drozd

We choose the music for the programs. Previously Alla and Pasha had lyrical programs, but this time we decided to try to show them from a very different side. They are skating to Malaguena. It’s a Spanish-Mexican folk theme. We decided not to go from the classical Spain, but to do something unusual in a modern style. In my opinion, the program turned out original, with interesting transitions, positions and elements. While the program is not as well-prepared due to lack of time, but we still have time to modify and to show it in all its splendor.

Short program – Blues and Swing – Blues of Sant Louis. Richaud also helped with it a little bit. He choreographed beginning and some transitions and we did the rest. The programs turned out playful. It seems to me that guys look really good in this style. We decided not to use hip-hop, because together we have come to the conclusion that swing will be better for this pair. In result we have two different dances. Adult La Malaguena and playful short dance. But guys have grown up and able to show passion, love. The main thing – they enjoy the free program. They feel comfortable skating it.

the sourse: fsrussia.ru

photos by Mikhail Sharov


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