Tatiana Tarasova about junior test skates

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Consultant of Russian team Tatiana Tarasova shared her impressions from the first training of ice dancers at the junior test skates  in Novogorsk.

I can not but share my impressions after the first training day of ice dancers, especially since tomorrow I’m flying to America, where I’ll see new programs of our senior dancers.

What I want to say based on the results of trainings in Novogorsk: I’m very pleased that there are people in our junior national team from whom it’s impossible to take off your eyes. And it seems to me that it’s necessary to leave the coaches alone, give them the opportunity to develop, because this year was made a huge step ahead, and I see it.

Everyone is interested in work, the situation on the ice is very good and I’m happy. I’ve stayed in Novogorsk for eight hours and then stayed for the ninth and tenth hour, I didn’t want to get out of there, because I felt and knew that here new dances were “brewing”. Now you can’t at any case interfere in this work, because it’s clear that we have a lot of good ice dancing pairs, and some are very good. I won’t say exactly who and what, but my heart ia singing. This hasn’t happened for a long time. I got great pleasure from training dancing duos, and there gathered 14 duos.

Onceб we had girls and it was clear that it’s a new generation, on which have grown different coaches. Now the same can be said about ice dance. Just do not touch it and do not “kill “- commented Tatiana Tarasova.

the source: fsrussia.ru

I’m looking forward for Tarasova’s report on new programs of Sinitsina / Karsalapov and Ilinykh / Zhiganshin)))


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