Maxim Trankov: cowards try to win at any cost

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Maxim Trankov shared his opinion about the suspension of Russian athletes of Olympic Games.

Maxim commented on Elena Isinbayeva‘s statement Now let all these foreign pseudo-clean athletes sigh with relief and win their pseudo-gold medals in our absence. They have always feared strength.” 

Lena Isinbayeva gave the coolest answered to the question, what is happening in situation with doping.  We all (athletes) think the same, all of our Olympic movement. Lena is my friend, my idol. All our sport – it’s Elena Isinbayeva. When I went out on the Olympic ice in Sochi, Lena was on the stands and supported us with Tanya (Volosozhar), she inspired me to win. – Trankov said.  

Regarding myself, I can say that I was “clean”. I drank beer, I skated. Anything, but not doping – he added.

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I know and all Russian athletes know who we are. We are all honest athletes. If it’s political situation, what can we do? I know that If Isinbayeva competed she’d become an Olympic champion.

If these cowards, who afraid to compete, try to win at any cost, so what can we do? We all know who is the best in the world. Let them hang fake medals above the bed and pray to them. – Trankov said.

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And one more comment from Mr. Trankov:

We all know. There’s an order, political order. From where? Of course, from the west. I have no fear because I’m clean. I know that Lena Isinbayeva is clean. Many others too. But this is politics, what can be done. The guys just didn’t have a chance to prove.

But we had such chance and we won’t give our medals. But there are fears that all this will spread to the Winter Olympics. Athletes can not do anything. This is not athletes fight, but politicians’.

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I even don’t know how to comment on it ((((



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2 Responses to “Maxim Trankov: cowards try to win at any cost”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    I never agree with Trankov but this time he’s got a point. Doping is very wrong and cowardly and I’m glad he’s speaking out.

  2. 55432 says:

    100% agree

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