Evgenia Medvedeva: Akihabara is the coolest place in the world

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Evgenia Medvedeva told about preparation for new season and her trip to Japan.

Evgenia: Preparation for new season began as usual. I have already made several run-throughs of new programs that Ilia Averbukh did with my coaches Eteri Tutberidze and Daniel Gleyhengauz. It’s always interesting to work in such company, because all people are creative. Not for the first time Ilia Averbukh did programs for me and every time it’s a great pleasure to work with him. The work goes easily, because we know each other well. I won’t talk in detail what programs we made, because it’s better to see them then to speak. I like both programs, and most importantly, I hope that we have coped with the main task – to make no worse programs than last year. In fact, the task was difficult, because last season’s free program turned out bright and memorable, and we had to come up with something new and not be repeated. I think we succeded. 

Evgenia Medvedeva

Between training camps, at the invitation of Japanese I traveled to Japan to participate in show. Many athletes correctly say that shows are very important for athletes. When you skate on public, on a huge ice rink, crowded with spectators, it inspires you, sets you for further work. It’s gives the opportunity to get known better the other guys, to see their programs for the show, note something for yourself. Because show – it’s not a competition, you are in relaxed, friendly atmosphere, you can look around, not be focus only on your performance. 

One day I had a wonderful meeting. I met Naoko Takeuchi – author of “Sailor Moon”. At the show I skated to the music from this cartoon. And you know, it was particularly pleased to learn that this woman was cheering for me at the World Championships, however  program to “Sailor Moon” we made later, after the Worlds, especially for the Japanese show.

Evgenia Medvedeva

And some impressions from her trip to Japan:

I’ve been in Japan for the first time three years ago. In Fukuoka. But at that time I didn’t know much in which part of the country I am. However, even then, I realized that Japan is very different from other countries. In Japan, everything is different from what we used to to, starting with plants and ending with traffic and rhythm of life.

I was surprised that almost all shops in the city of Nagaoka close at 19:00, so if you want to eat in the evening, then you have to move around the city in search of a grocery. If you get lost while looking for the store (and it’s quite possible to get lost, because, as I said, everything there is different, and the streets as well), you can safely go up to someone and ask for help. You’ll always get help, and in rare cases they’ll personally bring you where you need. 

Again about the food. I, as a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, was ecstatic from local cafes, restaurants and snack bars. All products are very fresh and if you like raw fish, just like me, ordinary Japanese cafe will become your small paradise.

We all know that in Japan there is a deficit of areas for living, and sometimes you can see houses in a very unusual and sometimes unexpected places. For example, a house that is about four meters from the railway, with windows on it. And yes, people live there.

I want to warn anyone who ever gets in this interesting country. Be careful with the water, because it’s not usual to our body. This is perhaps the biggest minus of Japan.

Probably many wonder how Japanese cafe looks like? As usual cafe. Tables, chairs and waiters, but there are many traditional cafes where you can sit at the table with small legs and pads. Uncomfortable, but you can feel yourself as “geisha”. In such cafes it’s necessary to come in like Japanese come in to their houses – taking off shoes. Why did they take off their shoes? Because all the dirt, all the worries and illnesses should remain beyond the threshold of the house, and in the house must prevail cleanliness and tranquility.

After I had finished all the work in Nagaoka, I had one day to fulfill my dream – we went to Tokyo. Next stop was … Oh gods, it was Akihabara. Coolest place in the world. It’s a paradise for those who like anime. Anime shop in 8 floors! The only thing that upset me, the only thing I was able to find with “Sailor Moon” was just a couple of key chains … I realized that I was just “nobody” in watching anime  … It is necessary to catch up! If you get there, do not repeat my mistake. From personal experience I know, two hours is not enough. You need at least four.

Third stop was the traditional karaoke. Generally, the karaoke was invented in Japan, and such places are considered as almost the best places for relieving stress. Desserts at this place are anti-stress too. A huge cake with a scoop of ice cream wrapped in a “mochi”, a syrup, berries and biscuits. For comparison, so you can understand the size: imagine two bricks laid on top of each other. Calorie Bomb! But it’s worth it!

Well, the final stop – shop Don Quixote. Don’t ask me why it called so. I don’t know. The only thing I will say, there you can find everything. From the food, to electronics, cosmetics and even the goods are not for children’s eyes.

Here my journey ended, but there is another moment, which I want to share with you. I should add that it was the most vivid emotions in my life! On the last night I remembered that we are in the Land of the Rising Sun and decided that it would have been unforgivable not to see the sunrise. Fortunately for me, windows of my hotel room were to the east. And when I saw the first rays of the sun, I was really happy. If you’re in this wonderful country, you should meet the dawn, and remember that you are the first on the earth, who this morning sees a beautiful sun!

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7 Responses to “Evgenia Medvedeva: Akihabara is the coolest place in the world”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    This article is great! I’m trying to learn Russian but I’m not so good at it; anything past greetings, numbers, and colors is gibberish to me.
    The pics with the Japanese look great! Evgenia seems really sweet and funny (though in competition she is all business). I hope the growth spurts/puberty doesn’t get her.
    Tsurskaya is 5’6″ already at 14, right? So she might grow too tall for ladies’ by PyeongChang. The only skater taller than her who did well was Kostner in my memory. (I only started watching around Sochi, but it’s my understanding that the top ladies are about 5’2″ or 5’3″ exceptions being Gracie, Satoko, and Anna).
    So Tsurskaya could easily be 5’8″ or 5’9″ by PyeongChang, unless she doesn’t grow again until 17. Just thinking it’s a possibility.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Tsurskay differs from many other junior ladies, because she has natural gift in jumps, she jumps not because she small with a small weight. But it was only an example, I ment that probably the biggest chances to get into Olympic team will get another pre-puberty girl with all those 3-3 combination.

  2. 55432 says:

    oh Evgenia stop you only pushing russian fans away

  3. Tac says:

    How in the world did you, the blogger of FS Gossip, get this article?!? I love to read all these interviews and get to know the athletes! It’s very interesting, so thanks! Hoping the best for Evgenia next season. I have a feeling she will still reign supreme in ladies skating.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I can read in Russian and I translate interviews into English, that’s all)) This one is from Russian Figure Skating Federation website. As for Russian girls, Medvedeva is clearly one of favourites, but you never know how puberty will go. Also some other strong girls will be eligible for OG 2018. Just look at how Tsurskaya jumps)

      I am really glad you like my blog, you can share it with your friends)

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