Elena Radionova about work with Shae-Lynn Bourne

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For two months – May and June – Elena Radionova has managed to do a lot. She passed exams at school. Between the exams managed to fly to Korea, where she took part in Yuna Kim’s show. Then she went to Canada to make a short program with Shae-Lynn Bourne. In parallel, visited and watched a lot of interesting places. However, now Radionova’s schedule hasn’t become more free. In the coming days she will have to pass the exams to university, plus work on the programs. Elena told about the preparation for the upcoming season.

Elena: Actually, these months turned out very busy. But somehow I managed to do everything, because really wanted. Desire to work with Shae-Lynn Bourne has appeared a long time ago. I met her in Kazakhstan, where she choreographed for Denis Ten’s show. I really liked her approach, and I became enthusiastic to work together in the future. This summer my dream came true, I am very glad that everything worked out.

However, before this trip to Canada I had to nervous, because until the last moment we were waiting for a visa, did not know, will we get it or not. And when I got it, I was just happy. We texted in advance with Shae-Lynn and agreed about everything. It was unrealistic to postpone the creation of the program. Shae-Lynn is a busy man. And I had exams at school. It was hard to find time for both of us. Great that everything worked out.

I spent a week in Toronto. Brought a few options of the music. First Shae-Lynn and I were listening, selecting, trying different steps on the ice, skated a lot to see, to feel, what kind of music is more suitable for me. All the time I was in touch with my coach Inna Germanova (Goncharenko). And when we chose our version, I consulted with my coaches, and then Inna Germanovna said, “Let’s take it” and we started to do the choreo.

Elena Radionova

It was a real pleasure for me to work with Shae-Lynn. I was surprised that she parses each movement to the smallest detail, skate a lot with an athlete, try on the program herself, constantly asks whether it’s convenient. We worked hard all days. And I was very worried how this program will be accepted at home. I’m glad that they liked it. Now it only remains to polish it. We’re working on the free program.

Over the ocean, I tried to speak english as much as possible, because my English is far from perfect. At first I was a little shy, but in the end understood everything  and even told Shae-Lynn, what I did in my free time, where I have been. There was an amusement park near the hotel where we lived. And it was interesting to go there. I even managed to walk a little around the city. Toronto is beautiful, large metropolis.
Elena Radionova

During the trip I was able to attend a baseball game of “Minnesota Twins”. I had a tour over the stadium, and was introduced to the president of a baseball team. No need to explain how popular baseball in America, so meeting with such a man – it’s actually pretty cool.

Before to go to Canada, I was passing exams at school. I passed well. In my opinion, I got an excellent diploma. There are only three B, the rest are A. I’m proud that graduated from high school with such a good marks. Soon I’ll have to pass exams to enter the university of Physical Culture and to skate a short program.

Between exams, I flew to Yuna Kim’s show. Passed Russian language and mathematics, and had to wait two weeks before the exam on biology, so one of them I spent in Seoul. I participated in this show for the first time, and I was simply “having buzz” of what is happening on the ice and around. For me it was a great honor to stand next to such a stunning figure skater as Kim Yuna, to take a photo with her. She is a very nice girl.

Any participation in the show always gives more experience, brings more freedom into your skating, skating is getting better in terms of expressiveness, artistry, so I’m happy to participate. But this shouldn’t interfere into main work. Now my future plans are to polish the programs, to work and work and work, to prepare well for the control skates, which will be held in September.

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