Tuktamysheva: I couldn’t have found a better coach

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Interview with Elizaveta Tuktamysheva about beginning of her career, difficulties she’s met, about prospects, Olympics, relationships with a coach and some private things.

Your career began in St. Petersburg. Have you ever been sorry that not in Moscow?

Elizaveta: No never. I moved to St. Petersburg from Glazov when I was 13. But I’ve started to go back and forth since I was 9. And I didn’t realize what was going on. I was told “You need to move!” I moved. The main thing – with my mother. The rest of was not so important for me.

You’ve moved in an awkward age. What was the most difficult?

Elizaveta: It was hard to go without parents. Distance Glazov – Peter, with a coach – scary to remember. Imagine, a child each time was taken away from mother. After the first trainings, when I left Glazov for two weeks, I sat at the platform and began to roar. I wanted to quit with figure skating. But with the times I got used.

Have you ever wanted to end your career again?

Elizaveta: Then I wanted to finish because I was 13-15 years old. All my peers were having fun and I was at trainings from morning till evening. But this period has passed. And now I don’t regret at all that I didn’t have such a typical, normal childhood.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

And who helped you to cope with these feelings?

Elizaveta: Parents, coaches and psychologists.

Why not pair skating? You said there were propositions. It’s easier: partner is near, together through all difficulties …

Elizaveta: Yes, I was told that I’m not tall and I’ll be good in pairs. But as long as I have my talent, I want to develop it.

Do you also choose costumes yourself? They stand out among the others.

Elizaveta: Yes. But in design process the whole team of trainers and designers involved. Normally, sew two weeks. A couple of fittings. And ready. I love my dresses, actually. And with the coach we have similar taste.

When you’re skating there are so many emotions on your face. Sometimes, it seems that you think not about jumps.

Elizaveta: About jumps I think most of all. But every program should be a masterpiece. You have to like it, how you dance, play, smile. After all, not only judges who give marks are watching, but also ordinary people. I want to show all the feelings I have at that moment inside. For example, I always go out and have fun.

And when you’re having fun, you got a lot of applause. Such recognition from the public inspires or hinders?

Elizaveta: It’s nice. Especially when you see familiar faces. But at the same time, such applause can knock out of the rhythm. I try to listen to the audience, because the public gives a certain energy. But I’m always in control.

You control everything. When you clear your mind from thoughts, emotions, stress. How do you spend your leisure time?

Elizaveta: In fact, I’m trying to learn how to relax. All comes from thoughts. When it’s the height of the season, after training I just want to lie down, read, watch TV. My working training day is from 6 am to 5 pm. And when I’m home, I want to do nothing. But when it’s the end of the season, in the evening you can go for a walk. But the rest time it’s regime, regime and once again regime …I relax well with friends.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

What’s your biggest fear?

Elizaveta: I’m afraid of the unknown. Like everyone.

Because the athlete‘s career is quite short?

Elizaveta: Yes. I’m a sportsman. And here everything depends on me, on my health. I can’t rely on family. Now my family mostly depends on me. So I’m afraid to think about the future. What if something will go wrong. Professional sports it’s a risk. In a moment you can lose everything. Therefore, you must always be alert.

The family depends on you? You’re only 19 years old … You’ve got a good salary, fame. Why not to live for yourself?

Elizaveta: My family and I used to live in abundance. Yes, I’m well paid. And I don’t want to deprive my mother and sister what they like. If there is no sport, we will have to live differently. I understand it. A lot depends on me.  Their comfort,  mood …

Your coach – Alexei Mishin. He has been with you for many years. He is a friend to you? Or like a second father? 

Elizaveta: Yes, rather like a father. He’s very caring. I can tell him everything, he will listen, help, give advice. He feels me. I think I couldn’t have found a better coach.

He didn’t leave you, when it was a difficult period in your career. Disastrous season when you didn’t go to Sochi.

Elizaveta: He’s a very competent coach, I think he always saw the potential in me. There are only two such persons in my life –  he and Tatiana Prokofieva. I think they believed in me even when I don’t belive in myself. They were giving their confidence, optimism, didn’t let me to give up.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

What’s next? Olympics?

Elizaveta: If I do everything that depends on me, then I have good prospects. But I don’t want to think about what will happen next. I will simply do my job. And I won’t talk about Olympics.

Because journalists have already asked a lot of questions about Olympics in Sochi?

Elizaveta: Olympics – it’s not just competitions. It’s also a storm of some obscure emotions. It has its own policy. And, of course, my absence at the Olympic Games in Sochi was an excellent occasion for journalists to write interesting articles. But, unfortunately, there was a little interesting ones. I calmly answered all questions. I understood that I couldn’t avoid it. Yes, I didn’t get to ….I accepted that. Maybe that wasn’t my time. My time will  come.

Once you lacked one point for the world record …

Elizaveta: Yes. It was at the World Championships in the short program. But I was ok. I didn’t think about the record. The marks were high. Moreover, the previous season was disastrous. And then a title of World champion. I think that is the main thing.

Now you didn’t get to the World Championships due to injury.

Elizaveta: It’s not for the first time with me. But yes, at first I was very upset. There was a strong depression. But I dealed with that. And watched Championships on the screen. I haven’t seen anything transcendent in the girls’ programs. Our figure skating at the highest level. With a coach we have our own tactics – firstly we fight with ourselves and then the medals will come.

Liza, your fate is a kind of cardiogram. Ups, downs, stress, work on yourself, again ups …

Elizaveta: It’s more interesting. And I’m convinced that it’s for the best. If today there is a thunder above me, I can overcome it. Plus, there is always a family and loved ones. That’s the main thing.

the source: dorohins.com

photos by Alexander Samoilenko



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