Some news from Goncharenko’s group

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Small update on Inna Goncharenko’s group.

About Elena Radionova:

Elena is passing school exams now, as an external student for 10-11 grades, so then she’ll be able to devote herself completely to figure skating. Everything turns out well. Immediately after exams Lena will resume training. – Inna Goncharenko said.

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Good luck to Elena. Looking forward to hearing some information about her new programs.

Maxim Kovtun

About Maxim Kovtun:

Maxim started training on June 15. Our group usually start this phase of training process at this time. Maxim has already made a free program with Peter Tchernyshev. On 90% it will remain unchanged, the work on short program is only to be done. – Goncharenko said

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Maxim Kovtun has already announced music for his programs for 2016-2017 season.


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