Short video interview with Evgenia Medvedeva

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Who missed Evgenia Medvedeva? Here’s a video interview with her. And below is a brief translation.

the source: mihsersh youtube channel

Evgenia told that she can’t even count how many interviews she gave after the World Championships, but media’s attention doesn’t bother her. She was ready for such attention because she knew a lot of examples, how it can be. Evgenia aslo said that she didn’t change, because her surrounding remains the same. And only once she was recognized at the street)

About most memorable moments of the season:

Most of all I remember the World Team Trophy, because such competition was for the first time in my career, and it was very interesting how its look like, how it all happens. I have never participated in the team competitions and I was impressed, because it’s so unusual, and it was very nice when people with whom you’ve ever competed but haven’t communicate much, support you.

About psychological preparation to the competitions:

I don’t concentrate a lot on what I have to do, but I don’t throw it out of my head completely too. These are two extremes that can hamper you.

Evgenia also told that there’re some programs which are psychologically hard to skate and you get tired of it by the end of the season. But this season thank to great choreographers Alexander Zhulin and Ilia Averbukh the programs was emotionally easy for her and she’ll miss them.

Medvedeva also expressed confidence that new stars from Russia will appear in world women’s figure skating:

I’m watching junior skating because yesterday I was a junior. I comunicate with many girls, not only with Russian girls. In Russia we have many girls who progress every year, every season. I think that in our country will be a lot of stars in figure skating. The tougher competition, the more interesting it’s. 

She also mentioned that she hasn’t got new programs yet.


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