Nikita Katsalapov: we have a goal to become a pair that will be remembered

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Small interview with Nikita Katsalapov. About preparation and goals of their duo for upcoming season.

Nikita, how is your preparation? What do you do at the training camp?

Nikita: Now we’re at the training camp in Kislovodsk. Gaining physical shape, do off-ice training under the guidance of our dear and respected Leonid Moiseevich Raytsyn. The whole day is planned. A lot of time we spend at the stadium, outdoors, train according to individual system in the gym and working on the floor on our ice elements. Philip Shvetsky Philip and Dmitry Solomatin monitor our health, thank them very much! And we also do psychological preparation. It’s very important for us to keep in order not only body, but also mind.

Have you already started to do programs?

Nikita: We already have programs, in “unfolded” state. Already both. Upon arrival in Detroit we will only have to put them together. And, of course, to polish them.

What are the goals for the next year?

Nikita: This is the pre-Olympic season, so the task is gradually prepare for all competitions of the season, so that from competition to competition we can show improved performance of our programs and good results.

You have a very warm relationship with Victoria Sinitsina on ice. But in real life, you are also gentle to each other?

Nikita: Victoria and I take care of each other and shoulder to shoulder.

Did you manage to get used to trainings away from Russia?

Nikita: It’s a third year we train in Detroit, so already we haven’t difficulties being far away from home.

What is your global goal?

Nikita: Victoria and I have a goal to become a pair that will be remembered, and to get to the world podium, these thoughts lead us forward!

Near plans?

Nikita: Less than in two weeks we will fly back to Detroit and will start to prepare our programs.

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