Anna Pogorilaya: while I’m skating, there is no time for boyfriends

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Anna Pogorilaya about competitions, traveling, studying at the university, friends and boys.

Anna, what was the most vivid impression from Championships in Boston?

Anna: It amazes me most that nothing have surprised me. I still even don’t understand that the championship is over. There was no nerves, I also didn’t think of competitors. When we were creating this program together with my coach Anna Tsareva and choreographer, I had to watch a lot of movies, work on acting skills with tutor, to understand the manner. I had to play an adult, noble, self-confident woman.

Competitions are held in different parts of the world. Which countries you liked the most?

Anna: America and Japan. Japanese are educated, hospitable, making a lot of gifts. And big fans of figure skating. After my performance at the first World Championships audience had a standing ovation, although I’m not their athlete! Now I want to see new places, such as India.

Anna Pogorilaya

What are your nearest sports plans?

Anna: I just got back from Los Angeles, where we did short program with Misha Ge. Now I think about creation of the free program and working on elements. I have to change the edge on the flip and learn something new. To improve technically jumps, spins, skating. Russian test skates starts in September, then international Grand-prix. There’s also “Challenger”, it’s competitions where you can earn ranking. I’ll also participate there.

Do you have a favorite costume?

Anna: Most of all I love the costume for the Firebird, which I wore in the 2014/15 season. It was sewed cool and it was very comfortably. I still remember it.

The competition does not interfere with their studies? Do you show up at the university?

Anna:  I usually get up at seven in the morning, I have trainings till five in the evening. The only free day is Sunday. But on Friday a break between trainings is a little bigger, so I have time to come to university – to talk to the teachers, to understand the obscure themes and to get tasks.

Can you pass exams automatically if do well at competitions?

Anna: Unfortunately no. No concessions! Only volleyball and basketball players have some. And for figure skating it’s necessary to go through the practice, because we must leave the univercity as coaches. However, I’m not attracted to this profession yet. I think I should try to go to the dances, try to be a make-up artist or something else.

Who brought you to the rink?

Anna: I remember how we skated together – father, mother and brother on the outdoor rink near our house. Evening, dark, the ice in the snow … My mother brought me to the rink.

Your parents are also interested in sports?

Anna: My mother is very lively, she did tourism. Dad was training at the yacht club. But their professions are unsportsmanlike: father – an engineer, and my mother – a pharmacist. Brother, who is older than me by three years is  studying at the Chemical Univercity.

Anna Pogorilaya, Evgenia Medvedeva

Do you have time to meet with friends? They must be also figure skaters?

Anna: We are constantly chat on the Internet. We meet less frequently, usually in the offseason. Friends are skaters and non-skaters. I have normal relationships with girls from the national team. Mostly I communicate with Evgenia Medvedeva, because we train on one rink and we have more common things to talk about. Of course, there is a competition at the competitions, but in usual life noone needs it.

And what about boyfriend?

Anna: There are guys who want to date me. But while I’m skating, there is no time for it.

Do you have a time for some hobby?

Anna: I like to read, especially classics. Now I read “Jane Eyre.” I’m thinking of getting a driver’s license. With my brother we have English lessons, because in school I learned French.

Usually athletes have a strict diet. You too?

Anna: After the competition, you can eat everything, you just have to control yourself.

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Anna Pogorilaya about working with Misha Ge on new programs and cooperation with Nikolai Morozov.


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