Elena Ilinykh: When else to experiment with the styles?

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya announced the upcoming interview with Elena Ilinykh. Here’s a small preview. About new programs.

Elena: It’s impossible to announce the idea of the new FD now, but it was suggested by Igor. Everything happened quite suddenly: we’ve thought about it for a long time, but the decision still wasn’t there. One option seemed non-winning because of music, the second is too overused, about the third there were concerns that the program won’t suit us. It lasted so long that I was already on the verge of hysteria: there are elements, there are transitions, but it doesn’t smell like a free dance. When Igor came back from Boston, he brought music to the rink and said that sees us in this theme.

To be honest I was uncomfortable at first. Because I’m more used to the fact that the initiative in the choice of programs usually comes from me. But on reflection, I came to the conclusion that Igor is right. When else to experiment with the styles, If not this season?

Why do you need Antonio Najarro if you have two ready programs?

Elena: I would really like to work with Antonio on movements, to add to both programs some “tasty” touches. Still blues is  a very peculiar dance. We once danced with Antonio, and then I realized very keenly what the true essence of this dance should be. The dance in general shouldn’t be perceived as a sports program. Not every choreographer can teach this.

The question of working with Najarro, of course, was solving together with Igor, he also spoke in favor of such decision. All the more, we are not talking about a period torn out of the training schedule. In Madrid Ruslan and I will simply spend part of our vacation. Antonio is choreographing another performance for Madrid’s ballet, which he heads, we can work with them directly in the theater, and in parallel we have already found the ice for practice. So, about our arrival everything is agreed.

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