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Carolina Kostner is going to return and there’re a lot of questions – “Why?”,  “For the sake of what?”. Obviously it’ll be incredibly difficult for her to compete with this young girls and it seems that real feminine skating is no longer valuable……I can’t discribe how sad it makes me. So, I understand that probably Carolina won’t win anything this season but anyway I’m fully support her return. Why?

Because Carolina is a beautiful skater and it’s always a pleasure to watch her skating. I also hope that she will remind judges and viewers how women’s figure skating should looks like. That it’s not only about jumps. And the main reason – Carolina deserves to finish her career where she wants and when she wants. She deserves to have a bright final of her career, to say goodby in a beautiful way. For example like Amodio did at European Championships. And not because she was banned due to doping that she hasn’t ever taken! I hope she will be able to have this great moment.

Of course the preparation won’t be easy. And I think it was wise to go to Mishin for some kind of technical help. According to Mishin Carolina went on a summer camp with his students:

Carolina will take part in training camp of our group, she will come to us in Estonia, Tartu.  Training camp will take place from 18 to 29 May. – Mishin said.

As the training camp in Tarty is somes to the end, Alexei Mishin give a small comment about Carolina’s shape:

Kostner have a very difficult situation with jumps. We started to regain them, but still have problems.

the source: rsport.ru

I hope that she still has enough time for preparation to be in shape at least for European Championships.


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  1. Don Canard says:

    the author gets it re: Ms. Kostner.

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