Maxim Kovtun left Buyanova’s group

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Yestreday appeared some rumours that Maxim Kovtun left Elena Buyanova’s group and will move to Inna Goncharova. And today Maxim confirmed it in his Instagram that he really left Buyanova. There is no confirmation about the name of new coach yet.

Maxim Kovtun

Every half an hour, my phone is ringing off the hook. I almost haven’t slept and haven’t ate for this five days. Everyone wants to advise me something. I closed from everyone, I’m writing what is in my heart …

I was saying, I say, and I will say that I’m really grateful to Elena Germanovna, for all that she has done for me, for her patience … For the dedication to her work.

I have only the warmest feelings for this person.

I’m here not to whitewash myself, I acted like a dirtbag … I thought only of my own interests and acted alone. I was thinking to do as much as possible with new programs and to leave not with empty hands. As a result, we have put a “skeleton” in some places with the choreography of the free program together with Peter Chernyshev, skating at night. We didn’t manage to start doing short program. 

We’ll do a short program with my new coach.

As for the true reasons for leaving………Probably no one knows, even Vodorezova, and perhaps I will keep it inside forever. I’m twenty years old, I’m a man and I ready to answer for my actions. Once again I want to say very kind words addressed to Elena Germanovna and to express my infinite gratitude. I said everything here and even more, that’s why I won’t give an interview. Now I’m aiming to work without losing a second, sparing no effort, because I have very little time.

the source: maksim_pavlovich

Recently Maxim announced music for his new programs.


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  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    I like the idea of him and Inna. I hope it goes well.

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