Sergei Mozgov: sport is not a family

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We’ve already heard Anna Yanovskaya’s version of their split up with Sergei Mozgov. Betina Popova also gave a comment…..and now it’s time for Sergei to reveal his truth)

Sergei Mozgov about his reasons to part with Anna Yanovskaya.

Tell us how it happened that you parted with Yanovskaya.

Sergei: My new partner Betina Popova said the right thing. Junior sport ends, then comes masters, and that’s another story. With coaches we decided that don’t see eye to eye the masters working process with Anna. The reason – the attitude to the working process. It didn’t satisfy either me, or coaches – Svetlana Alexeeva and Elena Kustarova. It’s one of the reasons. I would like not to name the others.

Did the injury play a role in this situation?

Sergei: Anna had an injury at the beginning of the season, but after the first Grand Prix everything was all right. It’s not a reason to look for a new partner.

Who initiated the split-up – you or coaches?

Sergei: We solve all the issues with coaches, all together. And such an important decision wasn’t an exception.

The situation in Russian ice dance turns out now not in the best way. Many believe that the change of partner will never be on favor to any athlete.

Sergei: Yes, it’s a very hard decision. It’s necessary to get used, to work a lot. We’ve thought and decided that after all it will be for better. Moreover, with Anna we haven’t skated a lot in seniors. Examples of other duos? I don’t want to bring the topic to Ilinykh and Katsalapov, but judging by the results, they have great new pairs.  Although, of course, I don’t know how it would have been if they hadn’t parted. 

Why did you choose Popova?

Sergei: There was no other worthy partners. At least in Russia. And foreigner – it’s an automatic pass of the season.

Will you stay training with Alekseeva and Kustarova?

Sergei: Yes.

Has the Russian figure skating federation spoken with you? Have they tried to dissuade you?

Sergei: No one from the federation has talked to me.  I think the question was solved with coaches.

On May 19 the squad team for the next season will be announced…..

Sergei: I think we won’t be there. Based on the logic, with Anna we didn’t get into the team last season.

Don’t you afraid that next season judges can hold your scores and won’t let you go to the international competitions, as it happened with Sinitsina – Katsalapov in their first season?

Sergei: If it happens I’ll take it calmly. Our sport is pretty complicated. Results depend not only on the athletes and their readiness. Our task – to prove and show that we can and able to do. Plans? To show ourselves. A focus for specific places can greatly affect the mindset.

A lot of negativity have been spilled on you on the Internet. You was unveiled as a bad man who left his partner …

Sergei: Don’t get me wrong – sport is not a family. Here everyone works for his own benefit. Everyone who is close by, firstly, is your assistant in reaching the goal.

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Also interview with Anna Yanovskaya, Betina Popova and photos of a new pair Popova / Mozgov.


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5 Responses to “Sergei Mozgov: sport is not a family”

  1. Nana23kids says:

    Unfortunately I don’t read Russian. You are a beautiful lady. My granddaughter tried out with yuri and he expressed an interest in skating with her. Just wondering why he can’t find a partner in Russia. Another Russian also expressed a desire for a try out but of course he too has no money. Is this common in Russia that skaters have no money. yuri is with Denis Petukhov. Granddaughter at Novi. If you would care to share an opinion on his skating I would greatly appreciate. You have my email address. Really enjoy your site.

  2. Nana23kids says:

    He is in USA looking for a partner. Is there any way I could speak with you privately about this.

  3. nana23kids says:

    Lots of talk about Sergei, Anna and Betina. Anything about Yuri Vlasenko.

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