Ekaterina Bobrova become a bride

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Great great so great news have come from Ekaterina Bobrova! She and Andrei Deputat are going to marry in July! Another figure skating wedding!

Ekaterina Bobrova

From Ekaterina’s instagram:

It is impossible to keep it a secret anymore. I’ve been living in a fairytale for almost two months enjoying the status of the bride!

This was preceded by several magical years. There were more than one year of trust, understanding, happiness, love. There was so much joy, but also through all difficult and sad things we have gone together – holding each other’s hands, leaning on the shoulder of beloved …

I still can not believe.

With hashtags #16July #16.07.16 – so, we know the date of the wedding?)

Congratulations to a happy couple! I’m sure Ekaterina will be very beautiful bride! Looking forward to see the wedding photos!



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One response to “Ekaterina Bobrova become a bride”

  1. Judith says:

    Wonderful news. She deserves some happiness after all her troubles.

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