Alexander Zhulin: “It will be hard for Trusova to cope with quads while she is overweight. If a few kilograms are gone, it will become much easier for her to skate.”

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Alexander Zhulin believes that being overweight can prevent Alexandra Trusova from performing quadruple [...]

“I feel the artistic image of Roxanne, which I portray in tango in a free program, very well.” 14 year-old Veronika Zhilina about her programs

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Veronika Zhilina told about her programs. photo by Vladimir Pesnia RIA Novosti source: RSport At the [...]

Renat Laishev: “Eteri Tutberidze is a brilliant coach, Trusova shouldn’t have left her, but to understand herself instead.”

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Renat Laishev about the performances of Adeliia Petrosian and Alexandra Trusova at the at the second stage of the [...]

Alexandra Trusova: “My first competitions after the Olympics. It’s not about preparation. I worry. It was hard for me to perform.”

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Alexandra Trusova about her performance at the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, where she took third place. [...]

“This is great courage on her part. I know a lot of skaters who have something to say about this, but they can’t, not yet.” Anastasiia Skoptsova commented on the story shared by Kaitlin Hawayek

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Skoptsova Aleshin

Anastasiia Skoptsova, former ice dancer commented on the story shared by Kaitlin Hawayek. View this post on [...]

Alexandra Trusova: “I really like the new short program. I offered the music. For the first time in my life.”

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Alexandra Trusova spoke about leaving the group Eteri Tutberidze and switching to coach Svetlana Sokolovskaya. [...]

Alena Kostornaia: “I don’t eat four hours before a workout and two hours after. But I don’t keep myself in rigid limits, because restrictions lead to breakdowns, and no one needs this.”

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Alena Kostornaia spoke about her state after surgery, work with Evgeni Plushenko, shows, trainings and diets. [...]

“Trusova needs to understand that she needs to move towards art.” Ekaterina Bobrova about the prospects of Alexandra Trusova

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Ekaterina Bobrova shared her opinion about the prospects of Alexandra Trusova. View this post on Instagram [...]

“For obvious reasons she can’t say that publicly, but with her skating Kamila can yell ‘You’re all idiots, what have you done to me? I didn’t deserve this!'” Ekaterina Bobrova about Valieva’s free program

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Ekaterina Bobrova spoke about the free program of Kamila Valieva, dedicated to the events of the 2022 Olympics. [...]

“You can be offended, but it’s better to lose weight.” Zhulin and Averbukh about the story shared by Kaitlin Hawayek.

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Ilia Averbukh and Alexander Zhulin commented on the words of Kaitlin Hawayek. photo source: [...]

Mikhail Kolyada: “Ok, you have three questions.”

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Mikhail Kolyada

Mikhail Kolyada commented on his performance in the free program at the Russian Grand Prix. photo [...]

“Enough to play in childhood and make allowances for age. Kamila competed at the senior Olympics. If you compete in seniors, then you must be ready for all the requirements that are made for senior athletes.” Rodnina about Valieva’s case

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Irina Rodnina spoke about the doping case of Kamila Valieva. View this post on Instagram A post [...]

Gabriella Papadakis: “Making comments about people’s bodies is not okay. Not to them. Not to their back. And not even if they’re nice comments.”

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Papadakis Cizeron

Olympic champion Gabriella Papadakis supported Kaitlin Hawayek after her story about inappropriate comments from a [...]

Eteri Tutberidze was dissatisfied with the doctor Philip Shvetsky. This was one of the main reasons for the termination of their cooperation.

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Eteri Tutberidze was dissatisfied with the doctor Philip Shvetsky, who worked with her group. photo [...]

Eteri Tutberidze stopped working with doctor Philip Shvetsky

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Eteri Tutberidze stopped working with doctor Philip Shvetsky. photo source: Telegram of journalist [...]

Kaitlin Hawayek: “Fan whispered in my ear ‘I have a secret to tell you my dear, you need to lose a lot of weight.’ As a spectator, a fan of the sport, a coach, a judge, or even a bystander that has no personal relation to the sport, it’s never your place to make a comment about athletes’ body period.”

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Kaitlin Hawayek shared quite personal story of a fan who suggested her losing weight and spoke about the impact such [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: “My mother is very worried that I’m not dating someone, but I’m fine.”

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Evgenia Medvedeva

Evgenia Medvedeva about the conditions at the Olympics, age in figure skating and a photo shoot in Maxim magazine. [...]

Alexei Zheleznyakov: “Parents should help protect Kamila from malicious information: lock her from social networks, from reading articles and news, so as not to unsettle her, not to spoil her mood.”

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The choreographer of the group Eteri Tutberidze Alexei Zheleznyakov about the victory of Kamila Valieva at the Russian [...]

“Hard worker, hard worker with character. A huge talent – she can do almost everything. Working with her is a thrill.” Choreographer Nikita Mikhailov did two new programs for Alexandra Trusova after she left Tutberidze’s group

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Choreographer Nikita Mikhailov shared his impressions of working with the silver medalist of the 2022 Olympics [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: “I occasionally hear well-known foreign coaches and athletes, how happy they are that the Russians are finally removed.”

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Interview with Evgeni Plushenko. About his school, coaching approach, problems of Russian male skaters and ban of [...]

Kamila Valieva: “I read that everyone hates that I agreed to skate this program. But I’m glad to share this. The opinion of the fans doesn’t affected me. Only the opinion of my coaches.”

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Kamila Valieva commented on her performance in a free program at the Russian Grand Prix in Moscow, where she won. [...]

Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny: “There are no plans to change citizenship.”

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Annabelle Morozov and David Narizhny said that they did not plan to change sports citizenship, and also shared [...]

“When will be a triple axel? It’s only been a month since I was injured. The post-Olympic season is not about faster, higher, stronger.” Valieva about her performance in the short program at the Russian Grand Prix

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Kamila Valieva about her performance in the short program at the Russian Grand Prix, absence of triple axel and doping [...]

Given the fact that Valieva’s case has already become public knowledge, WADA will encourage RUSADA to make appropriate disclosures

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WADA reserves the right to appeal to CAS and will encourage RUSADA to to the disclosure of information on Valieva's [...]