“And did Zhou won gold medals to say that? The Americans are simply insolent!” Tarasova about Vincent Zhou words that team US should get Olympic team

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Russians commented on the words of the American figure skater Vincent Zhou that the US team should receive a team gold [...]

Ilia Averbukh: “If another pair appears now, like Papadakis / Cizeron, they won’t win. Pair who has a concise story without excessive emotions will take a lead now.”

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Ilia Averbukh told why he likes to choreograph programs for single skaters and share his thoughts who will set trends [...]

“Tutberidze is enemy number one for the entire American figure skating community.” Tarasova, Zhulin, Laishev on criticism against Eteri Tutberidze for visiting Boston

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Tatiana Tarasova, Alexander Zhulin and Renat Laishev commented on criticism from the United States against Eteri [...]

“I didn’t think it would be that hard. For some reason, I wasn’t destined to go to this Olympics. So, I’ll prepare for the next one.” interview with Georgian skater Alina Urushadze

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Interview with. About not getting to the Olympics, unique coaching approach of Svetlana Sokolovskaya, skating idols [...]

“Absolutely clean, high quality and technically competent. Well done!” Coaches on Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s quad attempt

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Coaches commented on Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's attempt of quad toe loop. View this post on Instagram [...]

Stepanova and Bukin: “No matter how much we want to compete with the best, we still understand that there’s a pair that no one can compete with – these’re Papadakis and Cizeron.”

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Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin summed up the results of the season and shared their impressions of participating [...]

Boikova and Kozlovskii: “We wanted to continue Scot Moir’s tradition of jumping on the boards at the Olympics.”

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Interview with Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii. The guys summed up the results of the season, told about the [...]

“We had no other choice” Sara Hurtado and Kirill Khaliavin left the group of Russian coach Alexander Zhulin

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Sara Hurtado and Kirill Khaliavin left the group of Russian coach Alexander Zhulin. View this post on [...]

“I brought a happy person from the Olympics, and for me it’s very important.” Svetlana Sokolovskaya, coach of Mark Kondratiuk

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Interview with Svetlana Sokolovskaya, coach of MArk Kondratiuk. Why individual competitions turned out worse for Mark [...]

Sofia Samodurova: “Summing up my career, it was successful. I couldn’t dream about becoming European champion even in the season when it happened. I was lucky.”

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European Champion 2019 Sofia Samodurova about the decision to end her sports career, how she came to it, what she [...]

“Coaches can’t control an athlete 24 hours a day, so it’s wrong to say that it’s their fault.” Gurgen Vardanjan head of Hungarian Figure skating federation about Valieva’s doping case

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Interview with Gurgen Vardanjan, coach and sports director of Hungarian Figure skating federation. About Trusova, [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: “At the moment we can compete only with ourselves. We can hold only such competitions as Russian Nationals and Russian Cup. But these competitions are quite bright!”

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Tatiana Tarasova about proposition of Ilia Averbukh to hold the so-called match between Russian and Chinese figure [...]

Ilia Averbukh: “Perhaps it makes sense to hold a “match” Russia vs China, because figure skating is strong in China. But I don’t think it can be a replacement of international competitions.”

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Interview with Ilia Averbukh. About Russia's international isolation, the start of coaching and Evgeni Semenenko's [...]

Dmitri Aliev: “I wasn’t ready for the Olympics. I can only say one thing: it’s my own fault that I didn’t go to Beijing.”

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Interview with Dmitri Aliev about Olympic season, motivation and plans for the future. photo [...]

“When I was little, I could not even imagine that I would become European champion” Sofia Samodurova about the decision to end her career

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Sofia Samodurova about the decision to end her career. And also some comments from her coaches and choreographers she [...]