Natalia Bestemianova: Everything is very sad in our ice dance

Posted on 2017-03-31 • 2 comments

I continue enjoying Russian ice dance drama. Campaign for spots part3.   As always everything was good we don't know [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: Figure skating always brings me pleasure

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Translation of an interview with Evgenia Medvedeva. Evgenia: When I was little, the doctors advised my mother to [...]

Maxim Trankov: We used to the fact that German pair is judged quite loyal

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Maxim Trankov about performance of Russian pairs in the short program at World Championships 2017. Maxim: Two pairs [...]

Carolina Kostner and Alexei Mishin: We didn’t plan any victorious performances

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Alexei Mishin and Carolina Kostner about her performance in the short program at World Championships 2017. Alexei [...]

Russian ladies about their performances in the short program

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Russian ladies commented on their performances in the short program at World Championships 2017. Maria Sotskova 6th [...]

Are you ready for latina?

Posted on 2017-03-28 • 1 comment

How many times this season I've heard "I don't like this short dance!", "Why did they choose hip-hop?" and so on and so [...]

Alexei Mishin: there will be an exciting hard-to-predictable battle in Helsinki

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Alexei Mishin about upcoming World Championships. His predictions on men's and ladies' competitions: Once before the [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [19.03-26.03.2017]

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I know you're busy relaxing, buying chocolates, some strong drinks etc., to be totally prepared for the Worlds, but [...]

Anna Pogorilaya: I wanted to quit figure skating only once

Posted on 2017-03-25 • 1 comment

World Championships is so soon and we haven't heard anythingfrom Anna Pogorilaya yet who is actually a main contender [...]

Carolina Kostner: Mishin is my chance.

Posted on 2017-03-24 • 1 comment

Translation with an interview with Carolina Kostner. About work with Mishin and living in St.Petersburg. In 2015, [...]

Maxim Trankov: We want to start trainings in April

Posted on 2017-03-23 • 3 comments

Recently Maxim Trankov announced that he and Tatiana plan to resume trainings in April. Tatiana and I discussed our [...]

Natalia Bestemianova: Stepanova and Bukin are better than our first pair, but no one listens to me

Posted on 2017-03-22 • 1 comment

Only a week till World Championships, I think almost all figure skating fans super excited to watch the battle of quads [...]

Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd: New story in senior sport begins

Posted on 2017-03-21 • 4 comments

Translation of Tatjana Flade's interview with silver medalists of World Junior Championships  2017 Alla Loboda and [...]

Alina Zagitova: There are no limits in figure skating

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Translation of Tatjana Flade's interview with World Junior Champion 2017 Alina Zagitova. Alina, I congratulate you [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [12.03-19.03.2017]

Posted on 2017-03-19 • 3 comments

Hope that watching World Junior Championships you didn't forget about Instagram Sunday) Part 1 "Photos on the [...]

Dmitri Aliev: No one will sit around

Posted on 2017-03-18 • 1 comment

Dmitri Aliev who won silver at World Junior Championships commented on his performance and told about plans for the [...]

Maia and Alex Shibutani: Marina listens us and we listen her

Posted on 2017-03-17 • 4 comments

Translation of an interview with Maia and Alex Shibutani, given to Russian correspondent at the Four Continents [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: I love to compete.

Posted on 2017-03-16 • 4 comments

Translation of videoconference with Evgenia Medvedeva Part 2. Part 1 you can find here. by ROCTV.RU How [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: Sport is primarily a discipline

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I have already published partly translation of this videoconference with Evgenia Medvedeva, but I didn't know that so [...]

Fedor Klimov: Our goal is to win the World Championships

Posted on 2017-03-14 • 3 comments

Two weeks before Worlds! A little comment from Fedor Klimov. Our goal is to win the World Championships. There's no [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: I can’t name a person in woman’s figure skating who inspires me

Posted on 2017-03-13 • 5 comments

Videoconference with Evgenia Medvedeva. I've translated the most interesting questions. Zhenya do you believe [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [05.03-12.03.2017]

Posted on 2017-03-12 • 1 comment

It's great spring day and it's time to check Instagram. Part 1 “Photos on the ice” I just couldn't pass by [...]

Figure skating babies: Plushenko junior

Posted on 2017-03-11 • 5 comments

Recently I came across an Instagram account of Plushenko's son and couldn't pass by. Little Alexander Plushechenko is [...]

Ilia Averbukh: “Behind-the-scenes’ judges games” will begin

Posted on 2017-03-10 • 4 comments

Ilia Averbukh about ice dance at World Championships 2017 in short: I think that in ice dance "behind-the-scenes' [...]