Grand-Prix Final 2016: ladies about their short programs

Posted on 2016-12-10 • 1 comment

Ladies commented on their performance in the short program at Grand-Prix Final. Maria Sotskova: I'm satisfied with [...]

Russian Olympians Ball 2016 [photos]

Posted on 2016-12-09 • 6 comments

Evening gowns and elegant tuxedos instead of sporting equipment, banquet and dances instead of gym. December 8 in [...]

Oleg Vasiliev: in the Grand-Prix Final our girls are the best

Posted on 2016-12-08 • 1 comment

Oleg Vasiliev about Russian ladies who will compete at Grand-Prix Final: Our girls are not only the most beautiful [...]

Grand-Prix Final 2016: check-in

Posted on 2016-12-07 • 6 comments

Grand-Prix Final starts tomorrow, so welcome to Marseille! Some pre-competition photos as lull before the storm [...]

Maria Sotskova: Grand-prix Final will be like a mini Russian Nationals

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Maria Sotskova joined the tradition of Russian ladies and got to the Grand-Prix Final in her first senior year. [...]

Adelina Sotnikova: winter photoshoot

Posted on 2016-12-05 • 4 comments

Still no serious news or info, so why not to post some photos) Adelina Sotnikova and winter holidays [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [27.11-04.12.2016]

Posted on 2016-12-04 • 3 comments

Lots of great photos were posted this week! Photos from the ice didn't get into this review) Guess my mind still on [...]

Winter has come: Russian furs

Posted on 2016-12-03 • 12 comments

Winter has come my friends. It's time to put on some warmer clothes. Talking about warmer clothes in figure skating, [...]

Nina Mozer: we don’t have any medal goals

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Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot had to withdraw from Grand-prix Final due to Aliona's injury, Natalia Zabijako and [...]

Future parents Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov [photos]

Posted on 2016-12-02 • 1 comment

It's Friday, it's a week-break before Grand-prix Final, so I'm completely not in a mood for something serious) That's [...]

Ilia Averbukh: I’m always for those who strives to leave their mark in figure skating

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Ilia Averbukh commented on Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's victory at NHK Trophy 2016. Ilia: Canadians won with a [...]