Instagram review: how skaters spent last week

Posted on 2016-01-09 • 1 comment

Weekly review of the skaters instagram accounts. Here are top-10 best photos. Proud sister, godfather, [...]

Anna Pogorilaya: figure skating gives me buzz

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Interview with Anna Pogorilaya for Sovsport. Anna, did you managed on New Year holidays  somehow to forget about [...]

Denis Ten about incidents at competitions

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Denis Ten gave a comment about the incident with a wrong hymn at the Golden Spin of Zagreb, some other incidents at [...]

Rafael Arutyunyan: girl with boy’s body competing with woman

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It's a translation of an interview which Rafael Arutyunyan gave in Russian to Russian sports portal R-Sport.  Here's a [...]

Interview with Elena Ilinykh

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Here is the link to the original interview with Elena Ilinykh for "People talk" on Russian, I have translated it but I [...]

Stolbova & Klimov planning quad at Europeans

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Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov missed the Russian Nationals due to Fedor's issues with the back but were included in [...]

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva about problems in preparation and plans

Posted on 2016-01-03 • 1 comment

Interview of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva for FSRussia. She talks about the problems in her preparation for the season and [...]

How skaters celebrated New Year. Part 2

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Lets take a look how skaters celebrated New Year 2016. Victoria Sinitsina continues to post Nikita Katsalapov's [...]

How skaters celebrated New Year

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Photos of skaters celebrating New Year. Let's see what they was wearing, where did the celebrate and with whom [...]