Gabriella Papadakis Guillaume Cizeron. Is there any chanse for others?

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Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON

Usually the Grand-prix Final results predict the result for the whole season. But not thins time. The current reigning [...]

New dress for Elena Radionova

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In her interview before the European Championships Elena Radionova promised us a surprise in her free program. It [...]

Florent Amodio: time to say goodbye

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I don't know how many bright victories and excellent performances will happen at European Championships 2016, how many [...]

European Championships 2016. Ladies short review

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The European Championship 2016 in Bratislava started with ladies and men's short programs. To watch all the ladie's [...]

Costume changes before Europeans

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For the European Championships some ice dancers decided to change their costumes for the short dance. Let's take a [...]

US Nationals 2016 review: ladies

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I want to share some my thoughts about ladies event at the US Nationals 2016. As I'm not American, I don't have any [...]

Stolbova and Klimov will miss Europeans

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Troubles continue to plague the Russian team. Another sad news have come from the Russian pair skating. Ksenia Stolbova [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week

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Past week was rich for events and skaters were very active in their instagram accounts. It was hard to choose the best [...]

Revolution in US ice dance

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From the beginning of the season lots of figure skating fans were predictioning that probably US Figure skating [...]

Junior Russian Championships 2016. Ladies free [video]

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The results of Russian National Junior Championships 2016 among ladies. It really was a tough competition! But no [...]

Junior Russian Championships 2016. Ladies short [video]

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While all the eyes are on US and Canadian National Championships it's a time for Junior National Championships in [...]

New short program for Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

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I've already posted the information that Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has a new short program here. Now some more [...]

Kavaguti and Smirnov will miss Europeans and Worlds

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Current European Champions Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov will obviously have to miss the European and World [...]

Maria Sotskova: childrens program receive childrens PCS

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It's a translation of some parts of the interview with Maria Sotskova. Here's the link to the original interview in [...]

Serafima Sakhanovich: I have to be patient and don’t give up

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Last year Serafima Sakhanovich won two silvers - at Junior Grand-prix Final and Junior World Championships. This [...]

Anjelika Krylova: we’re working like on volcano

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Translation of interview with Anjelika Krylova for Anjelika told about change of the short dance for [...]

Figure skating babies

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This summer was rich for figure skating weddings, some other skaters announced about their engagements and some are [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week

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This week hasn't been rich for figure skating news or competition (US Nationals only starts), so, let's take a look [...]

Interview with Zahorski and Guerreiro

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I realy like Tiffany Zahorski and Jonathan Guerreiro at Russian Nationals, they look interesting, have a different [...]

New short program for Tuktamysheva

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Alexei Mishin in his comment to Team-Russia2014 about his students and their plans for the season mentioned that [...]

Interview with Alisa Fedichkina and Dmitri Aliev

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Both this junior skaters are talented and promising athletes, they got to Junior Grand-prix Final and showed some good [...]

Plushenko still in Russian National team

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Honorary President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Valentin Piseev gave a comment that they won't [...]

Korean National Championships [video]

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Recently has finished Korean National Championships. Here're some results. Ladies: Young You 183.75 Da Bin [...]

New choreographer for Ilinykh and Zhiganshin

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If nothing unpredictable will happen with three Russian ice dance duos (Bobrova-Soloviev, Sinitsina-Katsalapov, [...]