Junior Grand-prix Final. Costumes review: short dance

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Here is my fashion results of the short dance at Junior Grand-prix Final 2015 in Barcelona. №6 Anastasia Skoptcova - [...]

Grand-prix Final 2015 preview

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I just can't wait for the Grand-prix Final! So many great skaters will skate in Barcelona really soon. I hope we can [...]

Junior Grand-prix Final preview

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First of all I want to say thank you to ISU for their decision to have a Junior Grand-prix Final together with seniors. [...]

Elena Kustarova’s interview. Review

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Recently Elena Kustarova gave an interview (for those who can read Russian here is a link) and I want to make some [...]

Agafonova Ucar are forced to leave Zhulin

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Some really sad news have come - Alisa Agafonova and Alper Ucar were forced to leave their coach Alexander [...]

Golden Spin of Zagreb. Day 2

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Some top skaters decided to attend the Golden Spin of Zagreb (the last event of ISU Challenger Series), we had a free [...]

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva returns to old short program

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Reigning World Champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva decided to return her previous short program to Bolero. At Golden Spin [...]

Golden Spin of Zagreb. Day 1

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Golden Spin of Zagreb again "pleases" us with quality of organization. On-line result table is barely works, the stream [...]

Sui & Han out of Grand-prix Final

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Sad news have come from China - Wenjing Sui and Cong Han had to withdraw from the Grand-prix Final in Barcelona. The [...]

Tiffani Anastasia Zahorski Jonathan Guerreiro international debut

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The NHK Trophy was so exciting that I don't have time to watch some other competition. Great that we have a week break [...]

US ice dance. What to expect from Grand-prix Final

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Grand-prix Final is coming soon and three American ice dance teams will skate in Barcelona. I think it's a huge sucess [...]