Mao Asada told about her new programs

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Mao Asada is one of my favorite skaters. So, I hoped that she will come back. I think every Mao Asada's fan and just a [...]

“What was that?” or “Take it off immediately” | Ladies costumes

Posted on 2015-06-26 • 2 comments

This rubric is for skaters whose costumes were memorable, but not in a good way. Some ladies were too creative with [...]

Top-10 best ladies figure skating dresses season 2014-2015

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This year, I can't say that ladies just amazed my imagination with their costumes. I don't know why. Perhaps, because [...]

“What was that?” or “Take it off immediately” | Men costumes

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After season 2014-2015 there were enough candidates for this rubric. Apparently, men and their designers didn't use all [...]

Top-10 best men figure skating costumes 2014-2015

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This-year trendy rating opens with two young skaters - Maxim Kovtun and Nam Nguyen. №10 Maxim Kovtun and Nam [...]

“What was that?” or “Take it off immediately” | Pairs Costumes

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This rubric is for those who was too creative with costume :) After 2014-2015 season, this rubric is not crowded. [...]

Top-10 best pair figure skating costumes 2014-2015

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This is my rating of the best figure skating dresses and costumes in Pairs Skating. For me this year it was the most [...]