Betina Popova: our ways parted

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As now it’s officially announced two Russian ice dance teams splitted up – Anna Yanovskaya / Sergei Mozgov and Betina Popova / Yuri Vlasenko. Sergei and Betina will skate together, Anna is looking for a new partner and no info about Yuri’s plans yet.

Betina Popova gave a comment about reasons for this double split up.

Betina: Junior sport ends, then begins seniors, and it is quite a different story. Sergei suggested teaming up and I gladly agreed, because I consider him as one of the best partners in Russia. I am grateful to Yuri Vlasenko for the years we have spent together on the ice, as well as to our former coaches. Everything that I have achieved it’s thanks to them. But it happened – just our ways parted.

Why Sergei suggested it? Anna Yanovskaya and he was a very promising pair.

Betina: I can’t answer this question. In general, with Sergei we knew each other for a long time, in childhood we was skating on the same skating rink.

Was it an initiative of your new coaches Elena Kustarova and Svetlana Alekseeva?

Betina: Theirs and ours. We all want to achieve good results.

In the offseason you will only start to get use to each other. So apparently, you haven’t big plans?

Betina: Everything will go gradually. We have already begun to work cohesively. We will try to please the fans. And of course we want to get into the team.

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Read also Anna Yanovskaya’s comment about split up.


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