Yanovskaya Mozgov splitted up

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There were a lot of rumours that pair Anna Yanovskaya / Sergei Mozgov is no longer exists, but now it’s official. Anna Yanovskaya proved it personally in interview to vpsfund.org

I’ll translate some key points.

The season is over. The first season after juniors is always difficult. We were ready to difficulties, so tried to work on maximum. Not everything succeeded, unfortunately. Fans and judges didn’t like our short dance. Plus, of course, responsibility, and the desire to break into the elite affected.

Of course, the injury also affected. I was injured before the test skates at the beginning of the season. It’s slowed a little the tempo of preparation. But no more. We are athletes. Unfortunately,  no sport goes without injuries. And in the process of preparation for the starts I had a very good treatment. Therefore, the injury was forgotten quickly.

Unfortunately, it’s not a rumours and pair Anna Yanovskaya / Sergei Mozgov doesn’t exists anymore. Ithappened that now Sergei Mozgov and I have no common goals. It is a fait accompli.

Anna Yanovskaya, Sergei Mozgov

We were really very close with my partner. We were friends. Worked together. Walked together hand in hand. But … One day in early April, partner told me that by the decision of the coaches he’ll pair with new girl. Coaches have confirmed it. So that … My partner stopped holding my hand.

We have never quarreled. Celebrated this New Year together. Had plans for the next season. I don’t know. Maybe I lived in the “pink world” and didn’t notice, that around boils the partner-change situation.  For me, this statement was like a bolt from the blue. – Yanovskaya said.

Sergei Mozgov will skate with Betina Bobova, their coaches will be Elena Kustarova and Svetlana Alekseeva.

As for Anna’s future:

My decision without options – to continue skating. I have repeatedly said in interviews that figure skating it’s a world in which I live, and to get to Olympus it’s my dream since childhood. I would never betray my dream and won’t give up so easily. Besides my dreams, there are still a lot of people, who belived in me – my family and friends. They helped to overcome all difficulties, and not only for me, but for my partner too. Treated him, drove from hospital to hospital, found and paid for high-quality doctors. I just don’t have the right to betray their faith. Of course, it will be difficult. Even more, it will be very difficult. Plus, of course, not everyone is a suitable partner because of my height.

But nothing is impossible. I simply must pass this test in my life. – Anna added.

And there is also no news about Betina Popova’s former partner Yuri Vlasenko. Hope he’ll find a new girl and continue to skate.


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