First event of Russian Cup, Samara 2015

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Usually I’m not so into the national cups, but it’s beginning of the season and such small competition some skaters can use as training before the main starts. At 1st event of Russian Cup in Samara we had a great opportunity to see the progress of Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Adelina Sotnikova. So, the event promised to be extremely interesting. The competition among Russian ladies and ice dancers will be extremely fierce, so it’s was a clever decision to start gaining the shape and competition experience at the local event. But I want to pay my attention to those whom we haven’t seen yet.

Adelina Sotnikova

We saw Adelina at the Russian test skates, but I don’t think that skate was enough to asses the potential of the program. Adelina took part in this event but hors concours and only with the free program. She’s still suffering from a back injury, that prevented her from doing all the spins and skating full power. But I’m really impressed with her skating skills and presentation. She’s grew up into a really component skater and a joy to watch. Her jumps seem to return to the previous level. So, it’s a good sign about her intenses to compete again. Can’t say that I’m a fan of her program, but at least they removed that ridiculous crushing the board right in front of judges. And for my taste the program lucks some transitions, too many two footed skating. I also happy that eventually Adelina wears a nice dress!

Maria Artemieva

We haven’t seen Maria at the Russian test skates in Sochi, so I was a bit worrying about her. I’m really agains the fact that ladies figure skating becomes so young, so, it even hard to call them ladies, girls figure skating will be a better deffecition. That is why I keep my fingers crossed for Maria, she is a real beauty of the Russian team.

Maria as usual looks wonderful! Her costume is simple and tasteful, her skating and program is lovely. Great lines and musicality, nice program. But it will be extremely difficult for her to get a spot to the big events. Anyway, Maria Artemieva is always a pleasure to watch.

I think it was a smart decision to keep her free program from the last season because this program deserves a chance to shine. I hope for a clean skate! Amazing program, interesting idea and so well choreographed! Perfect fit for such skater. And I love this costume! It’s really something new and unusual for figure skating. Ah….how to find the consistency for Maria?

Anastasiya Gubanova

This girl is to young to compete in juniors (she will be able next season) but I just can’t not to mention her! She just amazed me! Such a bright talent and such a threat for everyone in future!) Her total score is 200.78……..

See how Japanese girls have started the season.

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