Adelina Sotnikova: short program is already done

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Olympic figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova said that her short program for the season-2016/17 has been already done. As in past seasons choreographed by Peter Tchernyshev.

A new short program, we have already done. Now we will choreograph free program. In fact, short program will be very interesting and not easy one, complicated. What is the music? This is a very powerful style, not fun, exactly powerful. But I won’t tell you about the music, let it be a secret.

In gym I work on choreography with Irina Tagaeva, and Peter Tchernyshev choreography programs. In principle, everything remains the same. – Adelina said.

She also said that after the victory at the Olympic Games wants to achieve “another goal”.

Now, I relaxed a little, because I think I have a right for it, since I’ve reached the goal I wanted, but still not fully yet. Now I’ll put myself together completely in order to achieve yet another goal that I want to achieve. – Sotnikova added.

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She didn’t said what exactly this new goal is. But what can an Olympic Champion want to achive, when she already has a main medal of her sports career? To become a two-time Olympic Champion? Maybe it can be a great motivation for Adelina………but I 100% sure it won’t ever happen. But I’ll be glad to see adelina skating, she’s becoming a real performer, with great powerful skating, to bad that we may not see her competing at Europeans or Worlds…..the competition in Russian team just too tough.

But the main thing that her coach Elena Buyanova believes in her. She fully described the situation with Adelina in her recent interview.


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