Volosozhar and Trankov: We always feel good together.

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Another interview with Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. The original interview in Russian is here, there are also lots of great photos.

You have a lot of victories. You’ve been in the sport for a long time and have already proved everything. The desire to fight haven’t left?

Maxim: Indeed, we have achieved a lot. There is a sense of satisfaction, a feeling that we absolutely succeed in  profession. But we still have goals and aspirations. We would like to continue competing for our country at the highest level.  Of course, we think, and that generations of athletes should change: we have to give the way to the young. But young athletes shouldn’t have claims against us, we take part not in all competitions. Only at Russian Nationals, European and World Championships.

Looking ahead: what are your plans for the Olympics in 2018? Are you going to participate?

Tatiana: We have a desire, but will see. After all, there are many factors that could affect our decision, from pregnancy to eg injury. We can simply not qualify for the team. So athletes, being a superstitious people, never say: “Yes, I’m going to participate in the next Olympics.” 

Volosozhar Trankov

I wonder if the preparation for the competition begins, and suddenly appears  the unplanned “pregnancy factor”, will it be a pleasant surprise?

Maxim:  Definitely pleasant. We already have an Olympic gold, but we don’t have a baby yet.

After another victory and a successful performance at the European ice show Art on Ice vacations in a luxury Swiss hotel was twice nice?

Tatiana: Of course, there is very good. There is probably one of the best spa, where we have ever been. Still, we missed home a lot. Most of all we want to go home.

Can we also congratulate your with the housewarming?

Tatiana: Yes, we now have our nest, where our little family lives. Without children yet, but with animals. (Smiles.)

Maxim: We have a dog – a German Spitz, which Tanya got even before our relationships have started. Then it was her dog. Now it’s ours. And recently we had a cat. In winter, mouses have started to bother us and we had to do something with it.

Who takes care of animals when you are not at home?

Tatiana: My mother comes. And Max’s mother too. There are also friends. We have such a changing of the guard, so we have nothing to worry about.

Volosozhar Trankov

Six months ago you became husband and wife. Has anything changed in your relationship since then?

Tatiana: We became a family. Have become one.

And before that you wasn’t a one?

Maxim: We dated, stayed for a night at each others, but each had its own territory. I think, even after the wedding we continued to live separately for some time, because it there were not conditions for living together. Therefore, the refurbishment completed and then we moved in. So, the family life has started only in September.

You didn’t want to rent?

Tatiana: No, each of us had an apartment, which Russian Figure Skating Federation rented.

Maxim: But how to live together in a rented apartment? Even nowhere to put your stuff. I have a whole apartment of things, and Tanya too.

Tatiana: Not counting the dogs. (Laughs.) But now the life is adjusted. We can invite guests and relatives.

What does the status of a family man give?

Maxim: Responsibility has increased. We started to take serious some things, for example spending. Previously, I could go and buy something expensive for myself, now I’ll think a hundred times, maybe this money is needed for a house, or Tanya needs something?

And who is “the treasurer of the family”?

Maxim: We earn the same: fifty-fifty. Although, if you mean, who  is in charge of the money, then it’s Tanya, of course. I believe that a woman must deal with finances of the family.

Are you Spartans or you love the comfort?

Tatiana: All athletes from childhood are Spartans.  Trainings camps, competitions. With age you start to want comfort. For example, I like to deal with household chores. Cleaning, washing, ironing – It doesn’t make me tired, on the contrary, I rest.

Did you do the refurbishment yourself?

Maxim: After the injury I had to miss the season, and I devoted my spare time to refurbishment. Fortunately, I studied at design courses, I like this a lot, so I decided not to invite a designer. I thought: if there are errors in planning or in something else, I’ll fix it myself. But to be honest, everyone who comes to us for a visit, really likes it.

Tatiana: Maxim spent nights featuring – planning the rooms, choosing the color combinations, wallpapers. He’s creative in everything. Not only on the ice.

You spend a lot of time at training.

Maxim: Six hours a day.

When you come home, probably just run away in different corners?

Maxim: No no. Don’t run into different corners, but each has its businesses. For example, if Tanya looks after herself, she doesn’t need my presence. When she’s doing it I can, for example, watch football or do something in the house.

Tatiana: The fact that we are a couple on the ice and in real life, has its pros and cons. We can behave more emotionally and openly with each other, and that’s a plus and a minus that we spend more time together than many couples. But we don’t get tired of each other. We always feel good together.


Another recent interview with Tatiana and Max.


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