Cup of Tyrol, Innsbruck

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Another b-event finished last week – Cup of Tyrol, Innsbruck (9-13 March). Here’re some results and some video.


  1. Vera BAZAROVA / Andrei DEPUTAT    191.25
  2. Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES         173.28
  3. Tae Ok RYOM / Ju Sik KIM PRK             160.03

Vera Bazarova and Andrei Deputat showed pretty good for them result in the short program – 64,91

It could be their best skate of this program, but Andrei doubled the toeloop. The throw is gorgeous! Vera holds the landing position with dignity of the queen! FP was good too, throws were a bit unconfident, and generally I don’t like this program. I respect that they tried something new for them, but in lyrical style they look better. FP – 126.34

Disappointing results for the French team Vanessa James Morgan Cipres. They have huge potential but something is really not working this season. And now they lost to a pair with small experience of skating together…..Fall on the triple toe loop in the  SP – 60.14 (video). I really don’t get why they try to do a quad throw….Let’s be honest, it isn’t their level yet. They can’t skate their programs clean without quad….and it only ruins their program now. I wish they have concentrated on consistency not on quads.


  1. Julia LIPNITSKAYA        172.64
  2. Laurine LE CAVELIER   154.07
  3. Isabelle OLSSON             134.20

Julia Lipnitskaya did another clean skate of the short program – 65.87 . But it’s quite weird that Julia’s spins now don’t look so impressive! And PCS isn’t high too(

Situation with FP not so optimistic and hasn’t improved – 105.91. Only 5 triples and only one combination and a fall on 3 salchow.

Beautiful photo of Julia from this event:

Julia Lipnitskaya

I really liked Laurin Le Cavelier at European Championships. Promising girl. She has a charisma and she can jump) But she definitely need a better coach, because I’m sure she’s capable of more. Only third in SP53.54 (video). And 100.53 for the free skate.


  1. Chafik BESSEGHIER   233.38
  2. Maurizio ZANDRON    203.24
  3. Valtter VIRTANEN       191.08

Chafik Besseghier SP:


The results of previous b-event Sportland Trohy, Budapest


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