Sportland Trophy, Budapest

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One of the last b-event of the season recently (March 2-6) took part in Budapest (Hungary) – Sportland Trophy.

Kevin Reynolds won the men event: short program 67,84 + free program 148,20 = 216,07

Unfortunately, not optimistic result( Kevin almost predictably fell from quad. In the free program Kevin tried to do two quads (fell from one 4 toe loop), also fell from 3 lutz, did two 3 salchows (so, lost one combination)…….but first overall.

Alexander Petrov took silver: short program 67,38 + free program 143,01 = 210,84

Alexander fell twice in the short program – from 3 toe loop (in combination with 3 lutz) and from 3 flip. In the free program doubled 3 salchow and added only 2 toeloop to the 3 axel.

Really sad that Felipe Montoya didn’t get the tech minimum to go to Worlds. I really liked his sp at Europeans. He lacked only 0,78

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva withdrawn from this competition. Rumour has it that she’s getting used to new boots. Comment from Alexei Mishin:

Lisa is all right, she can skate. But she grated her heel and an inflammation of the periosteum on the right leg. That is why she can’t do some jumps confidently. Therefore, we decided to withdraw from the tournament in Budapest, and not to risk of getting Achilles tendon inflammation. – Mishin said

I don’t really understand why she went to Budapest If she has some problems with her foot….for excursion?

With absence of Tuktamysheva, Roberta Rodeghiero won this event: short program 59,46 + free program 106,83 = 166,29

But Roberta got surprisingly low PCS as for me, there were even some 5….she had great (as for her) first part of the season, so I think her PCS could be higher. Good luck her at Worlds.


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