Tatiana Volosozhar: preparing for the Worlds

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The situation in Russian pair skating is not very clear now. The main question is who will compete at Worlds. Fedor Klimov suffers from back injury and whether he and Ksenia Stolbova are going to compete in Boston they will decide last moment. Will Astakhova Rogonov substitute them? And one of the most interesting question is will we see Volosozhar and Trankov competing at Worlds? I think that in such unclear situation with Stolbova and Klimov, the FFKR are very interested in participation of Olympic Champions in World Championships. They can’t lose three spots and they can’t give an opportunity for Canadian and chinese pairs to break away far.

Tatiana Volosozhar gave a comment about their preparation for the Worlds. But until at least the official announcement of the team for Worlds we can’t be sure whom we will see in Boston) So, here is the translation of what Tatiana (original link) said:

Tatiana: Preparation for the World Championships in Boston we have started recently, since after the European Championships in Bratislava, we had a tour «Art on Ice» in Switzerland, where we traditionally have been skating every year. Therefore, we particularly haven’t lost the shape. On March 14 we’re planning to go to the camp in the United States, where we will pass acclimatization and continue our preparation plan for the Worlds.

How do you assess the results of the European Championships in Bratislava?

Tatiana: Of course, positively! It’s the 4th title for us. Though, I admit, it was hard to perform. Firstly, the beginning of the season turned out not how we wanted! We missed NHK Trophy because of injuries, Trophée Eric Bompard was canceled after the short program due to the tragic events! In general, we had only three full skate of the free program, and competition experience is always needed, no matter are you a beginner or an experienced athlete!

What do you think about the return of Aljona Savchenko?

Tatiana: With Aljona we performed and competed a lot! She’s a strong athlete and decided to continue competing, it is always a pleasure to compete with her, but I didn’t follow her new career with Bruno. Now besides Aljona we have with whom to compete! More specifically, all competitors we treat with respect! And the ice always will put all in its place!

What did you do after the European Championships?

Tatiana: The next day after the European Championships we flew to Switzerland, where every year we take part in the show «Art on Ice», where we was performing and training, maintaining the shape. It was possible to take a break after the tour. We stayed in Zurich for one day, in the stunningly beautiful hotel. We had a photo shoot, spa, and a minivacation! Then returned to Moscow and started to work.

Did you change something in programs for the main start of the season?

Tatiana: For the World Championships we decided to change the lay out of the elements, but just a little bitBasically we’re working as usual, polishing the quality of elements, working on choreography.

How is your health?

Tatiana: We look for our health. We are athletes with big experience, so we have to pay much more attention to recovery and rest! When a person is rested and in a good mood, then the work is more productive


All the panic around the Russian pairs actually come from this comment of Nina Mozer.


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