Will we see Stolbova and Klimov in Boston?

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Taking into account last news about Fedor Klimov’s unclear injury situation it’s actually a good question who will represent Russia in pairs at World Championships in Boston.

Here’s the last comment from Nina Mozer:

Will Stolbova and Klimov perform at Worlds or not will not be clear until the last moment. If we perform then we’ll perform with dignity and it will be clear in the last hours before the competition.

The trainings are based on Fedor’s capabilities, but without elements no one will compete. If health does not permit, then will be an appropriate response. While neither experts nor the doctors nor Fedor himself can give an answer on this question.

We focus on his (Klimov) state. The program is complicated, difficult, we won’t put Ksenia’s health in risk.

Mozer also mentioned that they definitely will fly to USA:

If the only doctor who was able to set Klimov on his feet fully, located in the United States, so, all trainings will be held with the direct participation of this doctor. We have no choice. If we remain to train in Moscow, then 100% we won’t be at World Championships.

The state of Fedor’s health is better, the nerve in his back was touched. Yesterday he arrived in Moscow after the course of treatment, today they came to the trainings for the first time. They still don’t do a twist. We will do what Fedor’s health will allow and we will try to prepare for the World CHampionships – we still have this goal. We continue treatment and try to conduct systematic training. – Mozer said.

the source: Rsport.ru

Health to Fedor! But the situation is actually unpleasant and not very nice. The first substitute – Kristina Astakhova Alexei Rogonov are up in the air. Of course, as the first substitute they should maintain the good physical shape, but it still not the same with systematic preparation for competitions. And most of all I don’t like this “won’t know until the last moment”. How last this “last moment” will be? Will there be a possibility to make a substitution? Or they will withdraw and the spot will be lost?

With all the talks and rumours that Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are not planing to compete at Worlds, the situation seems even worser. Will Evgenia Tarasova – Vladimir Morozov and Kristina Astakhova – Alexei Rogonov (or Vera Bazarova – Andrei Deputat) be good enough to keep the three spots for the next year. No need to say that it will be a catastrophe for Russia to loose three spots for Worlds in pair skating.


Considering this situation, the recent interview with Oleg Vasiliev (some his points) start to be more clear. 


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