Ilinykh and Zhiganshin: training or internship?

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Recently all fans of Elena Ilinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin got a great news – team are moving to USA to train with Igor Shpilband. It gave hope for the progress and solving of some technical issues. The main question that bothers everyone – will it be a full-time trainings in Shpilband’s group or will it be just a 3-month traineeship?

The information that’s given by the parties is quite controversial. It’s what Igor Shpilband said:

I think this question will be clarified after some time. While they’re coming for a few months to try.

He also noted that it is possible that the pair will stay and train with his team, and that he is interested in this cooperation.

the source:

But Elena Markova (the director of the group where Elena and Ruslan are training) said that after an internship in the United States in the group of Igor Shpilband skaters will continue to work with their coach Elena Kustarova.

“They go on internship for 2.5 months” – said Markova, stressing that it’s only an internship and there is not a change of coach.

“Guys will have an internship and then will go back to Moscow, where will continue to work with Elena Kustarova.

And their current coach Elena Kustarova confirmed it as well:

This trip is a part of our joint project with Igor Shpilband – Kustarova said.

the source:

The situation is quite strange to me. If it’s only an internship I really don’t think that it’s reasonable at this specific time and will give some real results. The internship starts February 27, but the whole March Igor will be busy with his other teams, preparing them for the Junior Worlds and World Championships. So, Elena and Ruslan won’t receive lots of attention. And some other skaters already have been on such internships and unfortunately it didn’t help them much.

If it’s an agreement for full time coaching then I don’t see any reason to hide it. Yes, the Russian figure skating federation prohibits “transfers” before the end of the season, but Lipnitskaya, for example didn’t face any difficulties when she decided to train with Urmanov.

Or maybe, after this 2,5 months of internship they will need to show the results to some interested people in Russian skating federation and based on these results the decision whether to continue training (and funding) with Shpilband or not will be taken?

Strange situation…..hope it’ll clarify soon.

Read also short interview with Elena Ilinykh, where she explains the reasons for such decision.


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