Lipnitskaya at Russian Cup Final [video]

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Julia Lipnitskaya finished second at Russian Cup Final.

Short program – 65,43

Free program – 123,12

I like the new dress! It looks more elegant.

Julia’s comments about her performances at Russian Cup Final and her work with Alexei Urmanov:

Not without mistakes in each program, but generally I’m satisfied with the free program. Because usually the state when it hard to skate have came in the first half of the program. But this is not because of “physics”, because of nerves, to much “adrenaline” in legs.

Yes, there was a fall on the jump, but it isn’t incorrigibleI understand why I fell. I started to rush because slightly shifted  the“pattern” and came very close to the board, I began to hurry and flew with tilt

When we was creating programs with Marina Zueva, we planned to change the dress for the second half of the season. Plans for the season were much grander than turned out. But still we decided to sew a new dress, especially because the blue one become to big for me. The black dress for the short program is also slightly big, though we have made it smaller before the championships.

Julia Lipnitskaya

photo from Julia’s instagram

Julia also was asked is it important for her to be in the centre of coaches attention.

Naturally, it’s impossible without competition, but attention should be, and should always beIt doesn’t mean that  coach should watch you every minute.  It should always be a specific task, if any corrections are made.

With Alexei Urmanov we have everything planned, talked, thought. While I haven’t quite get used to this process, but I’m getting used toEvery day opens something new. In fact, it turns out, how important is the atmosphere. – Lipnitskaya said.

Here’s the link to an original video interview with Julia Lipnitskaya.



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