Zahorski and Guerreiro won Russian Cup Final [video]

Posted on 2016-02-19 • 2 comments


Tiffany Zahorski and Jonathan Guerreiro won the Russian Cup Final.

I really like this duo, they definitely has lots of potential. They’ve been skating together not for so long, but already have found their style that differs them from other Russian ice dancers.

Short dance – 66.18

Looking at their light, classical waltz with nice music cut I start doubting that it was created by the same person who made the short dance for Bobrova and Soloviev? How it’s even possible?)

Free dance – 100.94

In this dance Zhulin caught the main trend of this season in ice dances. So, I think we can expect some really interesting dances for this team next season. Because Zhulin seemed to feel them well and the work with Tiffany and Jonathan is inspiring him. I also want to point their lifts! Tiffany should gave a lesson to other girls in Russian team how to work in lifts.

Hope next season they will have more chances to show themselves at international level.

Read also the interview with Tiffany and Jonathan about crazy motivation, patience and hope, when it seemed that nothing is waiting ahead, about belief in coach and new plans.



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2 Responses to “Zahorski and Guerreiro won Russian Cup Final [video]”

  1. Judith says:

    Congratulations to Tiffany and Jon on this win and their first part-season together! Wishing them health, great training, exciting programs, and success in the new season!

    • FS Gossips says:

      I think we can expect interesting programs from this duo next season. Because Zhulin seems to be inspired by the work with them and it’s HIS pair, of his style.

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