Four Continents Championships: ladies short

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Before the Four Continents Championships have started I thought that ladies results will be easy to predict – Gold and Miyahara first/second and open fight for bronze. But the results after the short program turned out quite unpredictable. Let’s discuss.

Kaetlyn Osmond seems continue to struggle with jumps. But I like how she improved in second mark. She has improved in skating skills, she has more control on her free leg, I see that they’ve worked on the arms. She also shows her musicality. Lovely short program. Maybe she’ll keep it for the next season?

Oh….Gracie….it’s a Four Continents Championships! Not National, not Worlds! So, why in hell you was so nervous?! You was almost guaranteed at least silver! And what we see? A catastrophic short program. However, now I’m sure that she will do a great free program. She’s so talented, she has everything to be a World Champion. But who cares? Who cares if she can’t do two clean programs in one competition?

I also thought that Alaine Chartrand could win bronze. But she also has a disappointing short program. Nerves to? The program itself is cool – modern and dynamic, it grabs your attention.

Zijun li

From 2013 I expect that Zijun Li will repeat her success at Worlds. She has nice lines and beautiful programs but I wish she had more speed and power in her skating. This slowness gives an impression that she lacks physical shape and forces even for the short program( I also absolutely love her dress! Simple, elegant and gorgeous!

I’m so happy that So Youn Park made clean and solid skate of the short program. Eventually. She even got a SB scores and was so happy in k&c but I still have a question to judges. Why they are so stingy on PCS for So Youn?! She has good skating skills, lines, she feels the music, she has good programs….but it’s rarely displayed in her marks.

Sorry, but I still can’t take Rika Hongo’s sp seriously) In balletic program she at least tried to be more refined and polished and show some lines. Judges are you serious? Her PCS higher than Park’s and Li’s?! You gotta be kidding me)

I can’t say well done to Mirai Nagasu. Because she definitely can do better. She has everything to perform better and to show better results. It was an ok performance. But I still can’t find any connection between her music, choreography and dress.

I’m happy for Kanako Murakami! It was great, emotional performance! She was completely in the music and in the character and skated with fire. I haven’t seen Kanako skating like this for so long! And compared to Miyahara who skated before, Kanako’s jumps looks so huge! I hope she will do great in the free too and will keep a medal.

Satoko Miyahara is a great example of how to use your strengths even when some aspects of your skating are weak. Yes, her jumps are tiny but she hasn’t any other disadvantages. All her moves are polished and she’s consistent. And that’s important. I think she learned a lot from her last year’s experience at FCC, how to deal with pressure when you’re a favorite to medal at the competition. She has everything to repeat her success at Worlds this season too.


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