Russian girls took gold and silver at Youth Olympic Games

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As was expected Russian ladies took gold and silver at Winter Youth Olympics Games. After surprisingly disappointed short programs Polina Tsurskaya and Maria Sotskova managed to do a good performance of the free programs and to place first and second as it was expected.

I think this competition is a good experience for this young girls and a good lesson. You won’t always skate clean, rivals won’t always be so weaker than you, the judges won’t always be in favor, and in all those situation it’s important to keep calm and fight.

Maria Sotskova gave a comment about her silver medal and performances:

I’m glad that I won silver medal but I am not satisfied with my performance. In the short program I had a mistake that knocked me out. After that I couldn’t get together.

Free program I skated well, but it’s still not the result that I expected. However, “silver” in this case it’s good achievement.

After the first performance, I didn’t know what to do next. Frankly, it pressured on me that it’s an Olympic Games. So when I received the low scores, I had to languish in expectation of the result.

I didn’t know on what place I can count. It was the most horrible half hour of my life. I just sat and waited. After each performance I felt better. But every minute was very hard. Here, starting from the short program I was crying almost all the time. Emotionally it was hard to go through all of this.

At the Games in Norway, I learned for myself the main lesson never give up and fight to the end. This competition tempered my character. For the Junior Worlds I will prepare even harder.

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And the comment from the Youth Olympic Champion Polina Tsurskaya:

I think the results will be visible in the future competitions, maybe I will have a different attitude. I can’t say that I suffered this medal, but it was hard to get it. I was only fourth after the short program, and to win was possible only with a perfect skating. I remember that before the start I was saying that you can win only with a cold head, and today I felt the truth of it is this thought.

We seriously worried with Maria Sotskova after the short program, the whole evening was very tense. After all, we are quite well trained, so understood – everything must be forgotten. I just distracted from the fact that I’m fighting for the victory. I tried to show what I can do, that I can skate clean. These games have taught me that we can’t relax, we must be constantly gathered together, shouldn’t be distracted during the competitions, because before the short program I was thinking about everything. – Polina said.

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