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Jason Brown’s short program in season 2015-2016 will be to “Love is Blindness” from The Great Gatsby. Recently he performed it on summer competition 2015 Glacier Falls Classic. Watch here:

Nice program as usual with a lot of transition and difficult choreography. But for me it seems a bit the same with his previous short programs. This style suits him and highlights his ability to entertain the audience. But i wish they tried something different.

Although, the choreography is good but technique is more important in the short program. So, according to that video the quad is on plans. Good for Jason, but i doubt that it good decision for the short program. Taking into account this attempt, quad looks to risky in the sort program. I think it’s wiser to try it in free program on competitions.

For his free program Jason Brown choose the music form the “Piano” movie.


I absolutely love it! Wonderful program, different to what he skated in previous years. I think it’s more mature program that can show his skating skills,  great lines and involvness into the music. It also gives an ability to show that he can make a program successful among the audience even without bright character or driving music piece. It shows his personal grows like a skater. Good work from his choreographer Rohene Ward!

And a small remark about the costume. Please, think of a better one. Jason Brown is a huge talant that desereves to be dressed good.

Team USA is main newsmaker these days! We already know programs of Jason Brown, Gracie Gold (here →) and Polina Edmunds (here →). Who will be next?


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