Yuna Kim: Youth Olympic Games it’s a great opportunity

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During her sports career Yuna Kim has been known for her selective approach to giving interview, so I was a bit surprised when she gave an interview to Russian sports portal Now she’s an ambassador of Winter Youth Olympic Games, so seems the things a bit different now with interviews too. Here’s a translation.

You are the ambassador of the Youth Games in Lillehammer. How important are these games for young athletes?

Yuna: This is second Winter Youth Olympic Games for me, because I was also involved in Games in Innsbruck four years ago. It’s a great opportunity for young athletes who are competing here to experience the Olympic atmosphere. I saw the facilities in the Olympic Village, everything is just great.  So for young athletes these Games are a very important step in their future careers.

What did you feel carrying the Olympic flag at the opening ceremony of the Games

Yuna: It was a great honor for me, because I was going next to the legendary athletes. The flag was very heavy and I was afraid that I will drop it, but I coped (laughs).

photo from Yuna Kim’s instagram

Will you monitor some young athletes with special attention here?

Yuna: So far, the competitions haven’t started, so it’s difficult to talk about the participants. I know well only Korean athlete with whom I trained at home. I hope that she will perform great here.

Here will participate the victors of the Junior Grand Prix Final of this season Russians Polina Tsurskaya and Maria Sotskova, heard of them?

Yuna: I’ve heard of many talented Russian figure skater, that performing great but haven’t seen their performancesI know that in recent years the Russian figure skater at the first cast and I hope they will show themselves here too

It’s almost two years passed since you announced bout the end of your career. What did you do since then?

Yuna: After the Games in Sochi I was doing choreography for some Korean skaters, so nothing special. I’m currently working with two men and few girls. Also I’m the ambassador of the Winter Olympics Games in Pyeongchang, like in these games in Lillehammer. Plus I have the honor to be an ambassador of good will of UNICEF. 

Has you ever a desire to come back and skate at home Olympics, age allows?

Yuna: I’ve been on two Olympics, and I think that it will be enough (laughs). Now I want to share my experience with young Korean skaters and help them to achieve success.

What are their chances for medals in Pyeongchang?

Yuna: The Korean figure skating is developing, so I hope that they won’t lose face at home Olympics.

Photo from Yuna Kim’s instagram

We will have another World Championships soon, which will be held in Boston, whom you will point out among the favorites?

Yuna: Honestly, after I’ve finished my career, I’m not so intently watching the competition, so it’s difficult to say. I know that the main fight will bes between Russian, US and Japanese skaters. I think the fight will be intense.

Can you at least name three, in your opinion, best figure skaters competing now?

Yuna: Now I think only about Korean athletes, so I find it difficult to answer this question.

But is the dominance of the Russian women’s figure skating, which is observed in recent years, is good for your sport in general, or not?

Yuna: Previously on the first roles were American and Japanese women, now their banner seized the RussiansI think it’s good that there are so many talented skaters, because their example causes little girls to go to the figure skating sections, and thus the sport develops. It’s good for the future of figure skating.

How do you think, will ladies ever jump quads, and how soon this will happen?

Yuna: I believe that this is possible, but I don’t think that in the women’s figure skating it’s necessary. Technical abilities of skaters growing all the time, many of them jump triple jumps well, I think without quads they will be fine too. But then again, if you constantly train them, then everything is possible.


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