The season is over for Lipnitskaya?

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Julia Lipnitskaya had another not successful season, struggled with physical shape and jums at grand-prix, changed a coach, moved to Sochi, still didn’t make into the national team for Europeans, so is this season is over for her? Seems that no. According to FFKR Julia Lipnitskaya will participate at Russian Cup Final in Saransk, 16-20 February.

I think that it’s a good decision to participate in the Russian Cup Final. It’s a competing experience that she needs. Actually I think that Mishin’s last year strategy with Tuktamysheva – to compete in as many competition as possible could work for Lipnitskaya too. Even if it’s only a b events or some local competitions. It’s still an experience and an additional full runthrough of the programs. So, I’m glad that Julia and her coach decided to attend this event.

Alexei Urmanov about his work with Lipnitskaya:

I really understand her well because I myself made this long way from the beginning to the end. I don’t just understand an Olympic champion who now works with me but I understand all my athletes who train in my group. 

We’re finding a common ground, and I know how difficult sometimes it can for those athletes who have already achieved significant results. But it’s a sport, it’s necessary to find  strength and ability to move forward, overcoming those moments that occur in life.

Lipnitskaya is a great professional, she’s all in this sport. It’s very important. She’s a fighter and has proved it to all of us more than once. So, I think that she has all the possibilities and prospects to get the required shape. – Urmanov told

the source: Russia 24

I think that the question if motivation is one of the most important. Because the The Olympics is a very special competition in the life of an athlete. It can’t be compared to any other. And when you had a huge success there (even only in Team event) it’s difficult to find the motivation to continue, to sacrifice everything for something that can never happen again.

What does Julia say about her Olympics experience:

I’ve been going for that all my life. Now there are only fond memories. I am proud that it was in my life. Any other competition and performances will not be able to compare to Olympics. Never, I think. – Lipnitskaya said.

I hope Julia will find her motivation and will deal with her problems. I don’t want to remember her just as a “Girl in red coat”. I want to see her development as a skater. I really like her short program for this year. I like how it shows the changes that happened to Julia. And I want to see more.

Actually, it’s still a chance for Julia to continue this season. I don’t think that Anna Pogorilaya’s place in the team for Worlds is secure. So, Lipnitskaya can fight for her place in the team. She already showed great skate of the sp at Russian Nationals, maybe she just needed a bit more time and more attention to perform the free program well too. Will see soon.

According to FFKR exept Lipnitskaya,  Sergei Voronov, Artur Dmitriev, Alena Leonova, Maria Artemieva, Serafima Sakhanovich, Astakhova – Rogonov, Bazarova – Deputat, Zahorski – Guerreiro will also skate at the Russian Cup Final

Previously Alexei Mishin told that Tuktamysheva won’t compete at Russian Cup Final and won’t try to make into the national team for Worlds.


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