Gabriella Papadakis Guillaume Cizeron. Is there any chanse for others?

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Usually the Grand-prix Final results predict the result for the whole season. But not thins time. The current reigning World Champions in ice dance didn’t participate in that event. So, the European Championships should have gave the answer to many question. And the first of them is how good this season Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron are and how strong their position of World leaders.

Gabriella and Guillaume won the Europeans. So, is there any chance for others to beat them?

Maybe, and I think their weakness is the short dance:

It’s a nice dance but I doubt it can overdo the real classical waltz. They stayed in their comfort zone, in their style. It suits them, but the music in comparison with Strauss and other classical pieces will loose. I like the music but the rhythm is putten over and it’s too noticeable. The music sounds too simple in my opinion. That is why the whole dance look no so impressive as it could be. The judges also showed they are pro classical waltzes. So, i think they will lose the sd to Weaver and Poje and maybe to some others too. Seems that the situation of the last year repeats again.

So, the strategy for everyone else should be to make a gap after the short dance as huge as they can.

Because the French team have amazing free dance. Totally in their style. One move flows into another. The lifts look so effortless!

Honestly, I think that in free dance no one can compete with them. I haven’t notice how 4 minutes passed! Sophisticated, breathtaking program! It’s really difficult to compete with this.

And I also really like the costumes! Interesting, modern, sexy!

Another bright memory from European Championships – “goodbye” skater from Florent Amodio.



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