Korean National Championships [video]

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Recently has finished Korean National Championships. Here’re some results.


  1. Young You 183.75
  2. Da Bin Choi 177.29
  3. Eun Soo Lim 175.97
  4. Ye Lim Kim 173.57
  5. So Youn Park 161.07
  6. Suh Huyn Son 159.32

Here you can find the detailed information about scores and protocols.

The new Korean National Champion is only 11-years old. So, I guess to the Four Continents and World Championships anyway will go Da Bin Choi and So Youn Park. But the tendency of young champions in Korean is not very surprising. I think it’s exactly those girls who started do skating because of Yuna Kim success and popularity that she brought to this kind of sport in her country.

11 years old it’s of course to early to make some predictions about Young You’s future. She started skating at 2010 and started to learn jumps without a coach just by video of Yuna Kim and Mao Asada. I don’t know what to say…respect! So, let’s take a look at new korean skating star (the quantity of views on youtube is impressive):

Short program:

Free program:

Da Bin Choi short program:

Free program:

So Youn Park short program:

So Youn Park returned to her free program to Romeo and Juliet but with a new lovely soft pink dress:

A closer look to the dress:

So Youn Park

Nice dress, with really good matched nude illusion mesh. But I prefer the previous black one, it looked amazing in combination with her gorgeous tone of skin. Black also was quite unpredictable choice of color for Juliet (the old dress you can see on the top)

As for the men’s results:

1.June Hyoung Lee 223.72
2.Jin Seo Kim 202.48
3.Jun Hwan Cha 189.98
4.Se Jong Byun 180.74
5.Si Hyoung Lee 174.57

June Hoyong Lee short program:

Free program:


On this youtube channel you can also find other videos from Korean National Championships including ice dance.


And a bonus to all figure skating fans. Yuna Kim at Korean National Championships. Amazing and stylish as always.

Yuna Kim Korean Nationals 2016

Yuna Kim Korean Nationals 2016

Yuna Kim Korean Nationals

See also the results of some European National Championships.


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2 Responses to “Korean National Championships [video]”

  1. Christine Kim says:

    As far as I know, You Young has never mentioned that she started to learn jumps from Mao Asada’s video. I think it’s misleading info.

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