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Denis Ten gave a comment about the incident with a wrong hymn at the Golden Spin of Zagreb, some other incidents at competitions he has faced with and about his plans for the second half of the season.

About the wrong hymn at the medal ceremony in Zagreb:

It’s an unpleasant situation. Especially when you win an important competition for your career. When you defeated such super countries as Russia or USA. And then such incident. I didn’t know how to behave in this situation.

Of course, after the competition we had a serious conversation with the organizers of the tournament. I’ve heard that this has caused a huge stir in our country. But I go to the competitions alone. I don’t have a person who would be dealing with such things and independently it difficult to operate mobile. – Denis said. 

About some other incidents that he has faced in his career:

At the World Championships in Shanghai didn’t turn on my music. And this is a World Championships. It’s an incident of a global scale. You think there was some kind of parsing? Or any formal requests? Of course, no.

Before Sochi a got a triple jump instead of quad. I got a double underotation for the element that was done cleanly. With a small mistake but it has been estimated as a triple jump. My coach is American, such things not interesting for him. And made me as an athlete  want to fight even more. – Ten said.

About plans for the second half of the season:

Now  is the height of the season. Its second half begins. I’m focusing on March. On the World Championships, which will be in Boston. In February, I plan to go to the Four Continents. Perhaps in January I will have an intermediate tournament.

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