Russian Nationals 2016. Free dance [video]

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The Russian ice dance drama has ended quite unpredictable and maybe not in the way the Federation wanted. So, it will be very interesting which decision FFKR will make and who will go to European Championship.

1.Ekaterina Bobrova / Dmitri Soloviev – 106,77 (51,76+55,01) for the free dance and the total score – 176,98. Regardless of what the Federation said an the scores their rivals have got in the short dance Ekaterina and Dmitri won their National title back. They also showed that they are the most reliable Russian ice dance team. I like their free dance a lot but they definitely need to do something with the short if they want to succeed at European Championships.

Their comments about free dance:

In the morning the knee was hurting, it distracted me very much, and I was worried. I didn’t tell this to anyone, even to Katya, didn’t want to add some extra worries. After today’s skate, I felt that even with the difficulties we can deal calmly and perform at a good level. – Dmitri said.

We passed a lot of starts in a row, I honestly said to our coach Alexander Zhulin that I’m tired. I rarely allow myself this, but now I understand that we are fighting for top honors and for our best performances. At the moment, we have shown what we are capable of in terms of emotions and elements. – Ekaterina added.

About preparation for the European Championships:

We didn’t fully showed all the the necessary emotions. We lacked some power and in this dance it’s very important. We will have time before the European Championships to improve in these components. We won’t have a long rest after the Russian Nationals. Even before the New Year will be practicing.

Every day we are working on it with our choreographer Sergei Petukhov. He gives us his vision of the story. To skate classics is much more complicated than to skate modern. – Dmitri said.

About winning back their title of national champions:

None of the previous Russian Nationals can not be compared with this one. When we coming back we knew that it won’t be easy. Now we are very happy, but the awareness of victory hasn’t come yet. We are tired, we want New Year, go home ..

This victory at the Russian National Championships for me is even more important than on the National Championships in the Olympic season. Because we are back and it’s great. – Ekaterina said. 

the source: R-Sport

2. Victoria Sinitsina / Nikita Katsalapov – 101,87 (46,43+55,44) for the free dance, in which they placed only third, total score 175,83 – second place overall. Their twizzles looked scary all the season, their fans should have steel nerves to watch them doing this element. And earlier or later but the mistake on twizzles should have happened( Hope they will do something with it before the European Championships. But even this mistake it’s an experience to learn.

About the mistake in the free dance:

Everything was good, except the mistake on twizzles. This mistake costed us a whole place. Of course, we are upset. We will continue to work. What happened is what happened.

It’s a responsible competitions. Nerves are present. Marina Zueva says: “Who is not nervous before the start should go to the doctor.” In principle, nothing have pressed on us. We were well-prepared. Now will work on everything. – Nikita said.

Nikita also shared the information that his baggage with his skates didn’t come in time before the Russian Nationals. And they asked everyone is possible for help to find the baggage.

Victoria also shared some impression about trainings abroad:

We have used to train in America. We have a second home there. We had a good relationship with our group mates. We can learn a lot from them. And the Championship of the Zueva’s group by the list of participants won’t inferior to many Nationals. – Sinitsina added.

Poor girl this comment won’t  add her fans among the Russians.

the sources: FSRussia and Team Russia-2014

3. Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin – 101,70 (49,30+53,40) – only 4th in the free dance but 3rd overall with the total score 170,26. I don’t know which decision the Russian figure skating Federation will make and whom will send to the European Championships (the gap between 3rd and 4th place is small). But what I like about this duo is if there is any chance to claim on the medal they won’t miss their chance!

We are incredibly happy! This is the best day of the year. This time it was more difficult to be the third. The guys are all very strong. It’s great to have such competition. Of course, it was difficult emotionally. We have one deduction, I don’t know why, maybe we exceeding the time limit for the lift.

I hope a lot that we will skate at the European Championships. We want this so much. – Ivan said.

the source: R-Sport

4. Elena Ilinykh / Ruslan Zhiganshin – 102,97 (50,55+52,42) for the free dance and total score – 169,72. Great that they managed to place second in the free dance and skate it good. Too bad that they did it again when it’s already nothing to loose. It doesn’t add them extra weight in the eyes of Federation. I really don’t know what will be better to send them to Europeans or maybe give them extra time for preparation for the next season?

In fact, our today’s performance we can estimate as very cool. Everything was done on the instructions of the coaches, nothing more, just what have worked out. With full attention. 

Coaches have explained today that our strength is mathematics. We just laughed on that. But we setted ourself to do everything clear and with a good execution of the elements when you skate clean and feel each other than emotions come themselves. Everything is coming from our souls.

Today everything was very easy. We got a good starting number. The fact that it’s the last performance of the free dance before the New year also gave us confidence and strengths. And then we’ll have rest – Elena Ilinykh said.

the source: FSRussia 

See also results and video of the short dance at Russian Nationals + some comments of the skaters. And the same about men’s free program.  


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  1. Judith says:

    Any thoughts on Zahorski-Guerreiro?

    • FS Gossips says:

      I really like them! In the Russian team they have the most “not Russian skating style and look”. Good for them, it differs them from other Russian pairs. I also like how Tiffany works in lifts!

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