Junior Grand-prix Final. Costumes review: ladies short program

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My fashion results of the ladies short program at Junior Grand-prix Final in Barcelona.

№6 Polina Tsurskaya

Polina Tsurskaya

Even not knowing who this girls is I would guess the country she represents only  looking at her dress. And actually it’s not a compliment( I like the bright red color but it’s a self sufficient color. Using it for your dress you don’t need lots of decoration. And this dress is overloaded. This super talented girl deserves better dresses. More elegant and tasteful. And those tights….open you boots or cover them completely but please don’t do like this.

№5 Yuna Shiraiwa

Yuna Shiraiwa

It’s a lovely girlish dress. Cute and totally age appropriate. I like the color and small ruffles on sleeves, nice application of silver crystals on the bodice. Really nice dress but a bit figure skating dress 1001, we see lots of such dresses from competition to competition.

№4 Maria Sotskova

Maria Sotskova

I really don’t know what to do with this dress. I quite like it. It’s sexy and totally in style of the program. The fringe look great in motion, the bracelets are chic and make an accent on arms. I would like to see such dress on a skater like Gracie Gold, or Ashley Wagner, or other senior lady…..but not on a junior skater. As for me, it’s a bit vulgar for a junior competition.

№3 Marin Honda

Marin Honda

Beautiful girlish dress. Nice combination colors, the skirt looks good in motions and especially during the spins. I like this tiny sparkling decoration on the nude illusion mesh on her arms, so, the arms don’t look so naked. The dress suits her and her program. Maybe it’s not a revelation from fashion but nice and age appropriate costume.

№2 Mai Mihara

Mai Mihara

I like this simple deep blue dress. It looks elegant and classic. Blue looks good on ice and suits well to the classical and lyrical programs. I like how they make an accent on the waistline with a belt of laces. Sophisticated floral applique added some tenderness to the whole look.

№1 Alisa Fedichkina

Alisa Fedichkina

I think this dress is a perfect example of the principle “the less is the best”. Very simple silhouette, not lots of details but she look so beautiful and elegant in this dress! Perfect match for this program. The vinous ribbon make an impression of the high waistline but it’s actually only an illusion (because dresses with high waist are not very comfortable for figure skating dresses). Alisa look so tender! Girls, don’t hurry to be “mature women on ice”, you will have your time to wear all this sexy and passionate dresses, now is a unique time for you to wear such girlish lovely dresses that highlights your youth and beauty!

See also the fashion result of the junior short dance.


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