Agafonova Ucar are forced to leave Zhulin

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Some really sad news have come – Alisa Agafonova and Alper Ucar were forced to leave their coach Alexander Zhulin.

How Zhulin commented it:

Today they (Agafonova and Ucar) left Russia. Everybody cried. I’m so sorry that politics interfere into the sport. Turkish Ministry of sport took a decision to return them to Turkey, and what will happen next is unknown. In fact, I look forward to a reasonable solution, the fact that Russia and Turkey will come to some kind of compromise, and the guys will be back. They really like being in Russia, and we like them too. Cooperation between us is actually stopped, I think if the things will go the same, I will not be able to stand at the board during their performances on the European and World championships. “

I’m so sorry that such things happened and athlete suffers from politics. The sport should be ahead….in an ideal world(

I’m also really worrying about Alisa and Alper, I don’t know whether they can find someone in Turkey to train with until the Europeans and whether they can find a new coach in the middle of the season.

I also have a bit of doubt that it was exactly the decision of the Turkish side….but it only my opinion. What else could Zhoulin said? He works and lives in Russian…he just couldn’t say something different.

I really hope Alisa and Alper will find a good coach!


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