Golden Spin of Zagreb. Day 1

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Golden Spin of Zagreb again “pleases” us with quality of organization. On-line result table is barely works, the stream costs almost 30 euros and also works badly. The information you can get from the twitters of those who are at the arena and was kind enough to share at least scores. So, I collect some information, considering that lots of famous skaters are participating.

Charlene Guignard – Marco Fabbri won the short dance and got really high scores – 68,24! Seemed the judges in Zagreb are kind and generous (last season Italians got more than 100 points for the free dance exactly at Golden Spin), but than I saw the scores of Kaitlin Hawayek – Jean Luc Baker……only 58,76 ( What is going on with them? I hope it’s not injury because on the photo I can see a tape on Kaitlin’s leg(

Kaitlin Hawayek Jean-Luc Baker

According to the table Evgenia Tarasova – Vladimir Morozov got 73,06! Great score and I hope totally deserved (but I’m still a bit sceptic about scores from Zagreb). To bad we won’t see them at Grand-prix Final, but the need to be prepared for the Russian Nationals. I think we won’t see there Volosozhar and Trankov, so Evgenia and Vladimir have almost no competitors for the bronze.

Another Russian pair Kristina Astakhova – Alexei Rogonov showed solid results (as for them) – 65,06. Hope they’re now more confident and improved since the grand-prix and also ready for the Nationals, where I hope the will skate well and will recive more funding.

Marissa Castelli – Mervin Tran also have the right strategy to participate in as many competition as they can because they need to get this experience of competing together. For a new couple such B-events it’s a good opportunity to get it and even with the element of pretty high competition. They had some troubles on the side by side jump, but the overall impression is lovely – 62,66.

Denis Ten as usually slowly goes into the season and starts to show some results only after Grand-prix. He had a really good skate at Zagreb and got high marks – 94,03 (which is third result in SP this season if I’m not mistaken). It’s good that Denis eventually got the needed shape and did a solid performance, but I’m a bit worrying because Denis Ten has limited amount of clean skates for the season and who needs them at some B-events!

After a silver at Rostelecom Cup lots of Adian Pitkeev’s fans hoped that it was a breaking point and now he will skate consistant and will be a new hope for the Russian men’s skating. Unfortunately the short program in Zagreb was far from good: he fell on the 4toeloop, 3axel with a step out, 3lutz – 2toeloop with some lost of balance on the lutz – 70,21.

Adam Rippon was not much better: 3flip, 3axel with not good landing, 3toeloop-1toeloop :( – 72,23. Seems guys are saving their forces for the National Championships.

Waiting for the ladies short program where we’ll see the battle of Adelina Sotnikova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva…a Russian el-clasico)



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