Tiffani Anastasia Zahorski Jonathan Guerreiro international debut

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The NHK Trophy was so exciting that I don’t have time to watch some other competition. Great that we have a week break to look what else is going on in the figure skating world besides the grand-prix.

This week in Budapest we have Santa Claus Cup (yep, the holidays is so soon!) where we could see a debut at the international competitions new Russian pair Tiffani Anastasia Zahorski and Jonathan Guerreiro. Not actually new, they took part at last year Russian Nationals but Tiffani recently got the release from the French Federation, so, from that moment they can be officially called a Russian pair and represent it at the international competitions.

Here’s the video of their short dance to the Nutcracker

Jonathan had a mistake on twizzles, the pattern wasn’t strong too, they need to add some more speed and they didn’t managed to get the technical minimum score but the impression of the performance is really good. The dance is lovely, the music helps them, you can feel the mood of the waltz. Just need to work on tech more before the Russian Nationals to get into that number of skaters who will get the funding from the Federation.

The free dance was way better technically, they earned 93 points which is definetly a pretty great result for a new team:

In this dance they also need to add more speed and power and get some more confidence (but I think it’s really a matter of time). What I really like about them is how easily their lifts look! Tiffany should give a master-class “How to work in lifts” to many other Russian ladies in ice dance. You watch them skate, you admit all the mistakes and weaknesses but the do have some charm that helps them to build the impression. That’s good because you can work on your tech but you can’t get the charisma If you don’t have it. And they are definetly a memorable pair. I also like Tiffani’s dress!

Goos luck fot Tiffany and Jonathan at Russian Nationals!


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