Best costumes from NHK Trophy 2015

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The last grand-prix event has ended, we know the winners, we know who will skate in Final, so it’s a time to announce the fashion results of the NHK Trophy. Here is my list of best costumes:

Best man’s costume – Michal Brezina


I have already discussed this costume here. And this time Michal was also the best. Yes, I like when a men in figure skating look like a men. I also like men in suits and tailcoats. Michal looks elegant, stylish and fabulous without all this sequins, difficult finishing, feather, etc. Great work!

Best ladies costume – Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner NHK 2015

Ashley changed her dress. The previous one (borrowed from Marissa Castelli) I discussed here. The new one is also short and black but they add some sparkling Swarovski crystals, fringe on the skirt and the back now looks a bit like on Yuna Kim’s dress from Vancouver 2010. I like how fringe look in motion, it made the skirt look playful and add some latina style into the program. The dress is simple but hot) Though I like the previous one more.

Best pair’s costumeAlexa Scimeca Chris Knierim

alexa$krisThis costumes I also already discussed here. But what can I do, they still one of the best pair’s costumes of the season. Great work! The costumes are modern and stylish but simultaneously have the historical notes and details. Sophisticated finishing, good choice of color pallet. The costumes works perfectly for the program and also gives the pair some top-class look.

Best ice dance’s costumes – Ekaterina Bobrova Dmitri Soloviev

Bobrova Soloviev 2015

I realy like this costumes for figure skating interpretation of Anna Karenina. The full uniforme of the officer of Russian tsar’s army suits Dmitri a lot and gives him a noble look. It also look great with Ekaterina’s deep-wine dress. The dress is beautiful and difficult. Multilayer skirt not only looks good in motion but also gives the impression of ball gown of that epoch. I also like how they worked with the sequins, putting them together on the bodice to highlight the neckline, to imitate the corsage and it also make the waist looks thinner.

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