Russian pedestal at Rostelecom Cup

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Rostelecom Cup 2015 has finished at very pleasant note for Russian fans. All three Russian girls with medals. More over, the order on the pedestal was “surprisingly”  the needed one to let both Medvedeva and Radionova get into the Grand-prix final. So, lets discuss the girls.

Even thouh Adelina hasn’t prevented one of girls to get into the Grand-prix final  I haven’t changed my opinopn about her participation. If you want to compete, to show that you’re serious about your come back than participate in two grand-prix events, try to make it into the final and there compete with the strongest skaters. If you’re not ready for that, then don’t participate in grand-prix at all and don’t take points from someone of your teammates. There are b-events and local competition to try yourself, get experience of the competiton and get the feedback from judges.

adelina poster

So, I would say Adelina’s participation had more commercial reasons then sporting. But it was nice to see her skating again. I like her short program. Eventually Russian skater doesn’t skate a program with huge libretto and lots of drama) The program is bright, well received by the audience and comfortable for Adelina. It’s noticeable that she likes it a lot and skates with lots of pleasure and energy.

Seems all the drama was saved for the free program) I don’t like it. It looks like an exhibition number that was quickly remade into a competition program. Too many two footed skating, lots of emptiness or same moves. Adelina deserves a better program but her physical shape is far from optimal to skate a more difficult choreo with all jumps. And the marks she got were pretty objective.

Eteri Tutberidze and her team made everything possible to make Evgenia medvedeva’s debute on the senior level was sucessful. Great programs, with lots of choreography, that help to show her musicality and beautiful lines. And what I like the most, both programs are age appropriate. “Tano” jumps become the signature of Russian figure skaters of this generation. The technical score is really impressive as an ability to add a triple toeloop to any jump.  Beautiful costumes also add the needed impression. But, I almost sure that next year Medvedeva will face the same problems as Radionova.

Elena Radionova

Elena Radionova is a real fighter. She is dealing with puberty, her jumps are not so effortless like they were and she need to put more power into them. But Elena did her best and didn’t miss anything. A great feature for the athlete. She’s also a natural performer! She feels the music, open to the audience, and can sell anything she skates. But she definetly deserves better programs! Je t’aime is not better than her previos short program to J.Lo, but at least they used one song and didn’t do a mix. I even like the idea of Titanik! It’s not a bad choice for a young skater to skate about tragic love. But why not to take the original song? And dialogs…..umm not a fan of this “creative” decision.

The Russian Nationals will be tough…..and heartbraking for many great girls. But what to do if there are more than three girls who deserve to compete at Europeans and Worlds Championships?

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One response to “Russian pedestal at Rostelecom Cup”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Evgenia and Adelina look alike enough to be sisters in that picture!

    I love all the girls; it’s so sad to see them fall off the roster when you know they all deserve to go.

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